Galatasaray defeated Fenerbahçe 3-0 in the 18th week of Spor Toto Super League. Okan Buruk, the coach of the yellow and red team, made statements after the derby win. Here are the words of Okan Buruk…

    Here are the explanations of Okan Buruk;

    Okan Buruk: “My players prepared very well for the match. I wanted them to mark this match. We kept the rhythm right as a game. We forced our opponent to make mistakes, we gave good answers to their attacks. We were the superior side throughout the match.”

    “I would also like to thank Galatasaray fans. They prepared and motivated us very well for the match in Florya. Let this win be a gift to them.”

    “We love our job, Galatasaray. Our players are happy here. They give all their energy. Their human qualities are also very high. I believe that this will hopefully lead us to the championship.”

    “Some players belong to the league, not the team. Having someone like Icardi in the league is also important for Turkish football.” used the phrases.