01/08/2023 at 20:00


    Two teams in the lower zone of the classification faced each other in a match of needs

    Despite a good start for the Manresans, a very unsuccessful second half condemned them

    Baxi Manresa and Casademont Zaragoza faced each other in a match of needs, with two teams in the lower zone of the table and, despite a good start by the Manresa team, a very unsuccessful second half of the local team in which the visitors took control of the rebound, served for the Aragonese team to come back to achieve a balsamic victory.


    Endesa League




    BAXI Manresa (25+15+13+12)

    Jou (5), Sagnia (3), Ferrari (5), Vaulet (9), Geben (7) –starting five– Wakzynski (5), Harding (10), Tass (-), Dani Pérez (8), Badio (-), Robinson (10) and Steinbergs (3).

    Casademont Zaragoza (15+12+27+18)

    Wright (7), Jessup (14), Mekowulu (8), Hlinason (2), Sant-Roos (10) –starting five– Jovic (3), Ponitka (-), Yusta (9), Mara (10), Nguirane (0), Simanic (9), Garcia (0).


    Daniel Hierrezuelo, Vicente Bultó, Vicente Martínez Silla. No deleted.


    Match corresponding to day 15 of the Endesa Basketball League played in the Nou Congost pavilion before some 4,000 spectators.

    The start of the game for BAXI has been especially intense in defense, which added to the mistake in the hand, has made things very difficult for the visitors, who have suffered to score (11-3, minute 2:55). Zaragoza has broken the dynamic with quick transitions and little by little he has found himself in the party. But Manresa’s success from 3 has managed to maintain a certain advantage.

    The second quarter began with an exchange of blows, although the scoring rhythm quickly stopped. There have been multiple misses by both teams from the line of 3 due to the precipitation. The intensity of the match has led to two Manresa players accumulating 3 fouls. ANDThe greatest success in rebounds of the Manresa teamhas made it possible to maintain the difference in points and even increase it (40-25 min 18:57).

    In the third quarter, Manresa stopped scoring. Zaragoza has woken up, forcing Rafa Martínez to stop the game (44-40 min 24:27). But Manresa has not reacted, and the visiting team has continued to score against a missing Manresa. A great Simanic and the general success in attack, have put Zaragoza ahead (53-54 min 39:26).

    The last half has started without success from both teams. But especially for Manresa, who couldn’t finish the plays. Zaragoza took advantage of it, and distanced themselves (53-60 min 34:37). Halfway through the quarter, a three-pointer from Dani Pérez had the Nou Congost plugged in, but a final push from the visitors sealed the game.