Justin Bieber sold the rights to his production for $200 million.

    Pop star Justin Bieber has sold all his rights to his songs to Hipgnosis Songs Capital, reports AP News.

    The deal includes all six of Bieber’s albums, including the one released in 2021 Justice. The details of the deal have not been made public, but according to Billboards Magazine, Hipgnosis paid about $200 million for the rights to Bieber’s songs.

    At the age of 28, Bieber is the youngest singer to sell the rights to his production.

    Another pop superstar, Justin Timberlake, 41, also sold the rights to his songs to the same company last year. Shakira’s catalog was acquired by Hipgnosis in 2018.

    Justin Bieber sold the rights to all his songs. PDO

    Hipgnosis now owns all rights to Bieber’s output released by 2021. The catalog covers 290 songs, of which the most famous hits include, among others Sorry, Peaches and published in 2010 Babywhich catapulted Bieber to fame at just 13 years old.

    All six of Bieber’s albums have sold platinum or double platinum.

    – Justin is the most unique artist of his generation, which is reflected in the size of the contract, said Bieber’s long-time manager Scooter Braun in a press release on Tuesday.

    Bieber is the world’s 8th most listened to artist on Spotify. In the service, the singer has more than 69 million listens and more than 39 billion streams per month. Baby’s the music video has been streamed on YouTube more than 2.9 billion times.

    – Justin Bieber’s impact on global culture over the past 14 years has been really significant, Hipgnosis founder Merck Mercuriadis commented on the agreement.

    According to Mercuriadis, it is one of the biggest contracts that an artist under the age of 70 has ever made.

    Hipgnosis buys the catalogs of different artists and receives income when their songs are listened to on music services or used for example in movies and commercials.

    Bieber recently had to postpone the remaining concerts of his Justice tour until next year. The tour’s gigs have already been postponed five times.

    The original schedule has been disrupted by, among other things, the star’s health problems. In June, Bieber posted a video on his Instagram account in which he shows how one side of his face is paralyzed. Bieber has previously been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which is one of the causes of facial paralysis.