İbrahim Tatlıses, who has been in tension with his eldest son Ahmet Tatlıses, who is married to his first wife, Adalet Sara, for a while, became the agenda with his Father’s Day sharing. Then, he made striking statements by connecting to the ‘White Magazine’ program broadcast on Beyaz TV by phone. The famous name used the following statements about his eldest son Ahmet Tatlıses, who is known to be at odds for a long time, and his first wife, whom he married in Urfa:

    “I left Ms. Adalet 45 years ago, I’ve been paying a salary for 45 years. If I don’t pay a month’s salary, they ruin the company. I gave her son seven shops, he ruined them all. there is Ahmet, he is the one who committed the biggest betrayal. I don’t know what they want from me. I give my best, I can’t get rid of it again. I’m 70 years old, I’m still on the stage. I’ve had enough. Should I deal with my health or deal with them? I don’t want to even mention Ahmet’s name. He had a brain hemorrhage, I didn’t go to the hospital. I didn’t shed a tear, I won’t! I’m coming out of Bodrum, he said a word to me on the phone. Shameful words, a father does not do for his child. I will not say it here.”

    Talking about the time he was shot in the head in 2011 and the financial support he gave to his ex-wife, İbrahim Tatlıses said, “I was betrayed by betrayal. I was shot, he went directly to the company and emptied the safe. Why don’t my other children do it, but he does it? Why do my hands get tight, because I throw it in. When I’m in this state Can this be done to me? What is it, sir, a salary of 3 thousand TL is not enough. Mrs. Justice, what right do you have to me? I still pay your rent, I built a building for you there and you live in it. Sit until you die, it’s good. But enough is enough.”


    The famous Turkish singer, who was asked about his “They destroyed my nuclear family” recently, said, “They put lard in my house in Bodrum. Otherwise, I had established my nuclear family here, I was getting married. Right now, we are apart. The world aside, that aside. The person who makes me the happiest, I love “I will put all my property on her. I hope we can make peace. You all know who she is; Gülçin Karakaya. They’ve swayed her. I bought her a house and a car. May everything be sacrificed, she’s on my left side. She was with me when no one else was with me. Between us.” The age difference doesn’t matter at all. My children don’t want me to get married so that ‘the money won’t go’. I know what to do near my death. I will give everything to the Mehmetçik Foundation. I will have my funeral, I will not give Ahmet what he wants again!” said.

    “Didn’t even give me a house”

    Ahmet Tatlıses, who responded to his father’s allegations, made a post titled “Attention to the public” on his social media account. Tatlıses said, “Even though I do not want to talk about family issues and have kept a distance from making statements on these issues until now, it has become necessary for me to make a statement because the statements made by İbrahim Tatlıses about me, my mother and my family have turned into slanders that do not reflect the truth.” .

    The famous name, who argued that İbrahim Tatlıses did not empty the company safe, did not buy any shop from his father and explained the background of the decision to close the workplace, “He accused me of emptying his safe when he was shot. I was in the hospital all the time, even in . I went to the company where his house is located once, accompanied by his accountant, his house and safe, which I did not even have a key in, were opened, the count was made. The assets were reported and signed in the presence of the accountant, company manager and company employees. Everyone witnessed this at that time. Another mentioned The incident is related to his rhetoric, “I gave seven shops, he screwed them all up”. I opened a shop in Mecidiyeköy in the early 2000s, he canceled the franchise system throughout Turkey. We closed it with the deterioration of our business. Again, years after this incident, I opened a food shop in a shopping mall, years later, I handed it over to the high rental costs of the shopping mall. I find it uncomfortable for him to reflect these events, which take place within the norms of his life, as ‘I did it, he screwed up’. As a matter of fact, he has not suffered any damage because of me, and my business life, which I have continued for years with my own means, continues. He hasn’t even given me a house until now, but I’ve put my life on the line whenever he needs me,” he said.


    Ahmet Tatlıses made the following statements regarding the allegation that ‘They made a spell to separate him from my beloved Gülçin Karakaya’ and his mother, Adalet Sara:

    “No matter who my mother is, I cannot allow someone to be humiliated over the clothes she chooses of her own free will because of her religious beliefs. No one can insult my mother by calling her ‘black veiled’. No one can call my mother a ‘snake’. she is a civil servant and an honest woman, I never accept the incessant, terrible, shameful slanders such as “They cast lard, they cast a spell on my girlfriend, they separated us” My suspicions have increased. İbrahim Tatlıses is a person who lived with whomever he wanted over the years, gave certain goods to people in his private life as he stated in his statements, and was never interfered with by his children in his private life, and not a single relationship was commented on.”


    Justice Sara, who broke her silence after her son’s statements, shared; “I am exposed to lies, slander and insults that are not related to material and moral truth,” he said. Tatlıses’ ex-wife later shared a post in which she quoted verses and suras about magic to her followers.


    On the other hand, Ahmet Tatlıses, referring to his father’s decision regarding ‘inheritance’, said, “I am disturbed and saddened by the fact that family matters are so distorted and built to provoke me. It does not suit me to describe what has happened and what has been done for years. As an artist, I do not want to offend him. I respond to these baseless accusations against me and remain silent. I also leave the interpretation of the statement, “I will set a trap for them before I die,” in the live broadcast he also participated in, to the discretion of the public,” he wrote.


    “He had a brain hemorrhage, I didn’t go to the hospital. I didn’t shed a tear, I won’t!” said to the 70-year-old artist, his son Ahmet; “He has seven children and nine grandchildren. Before my wife and son were married to Rüzgar’s mother, Tülay Hanım, in our ordinary discussion, I can’t understand his speech by exaggerating a sentence in the father-son conversation, and I haven’t solved his purpose in bringing up an issue 15 years ago. As he mentioned, I never insulted him, I didn’t say unspeakable words. I haven’t had a dialogue with him for months anyway. He also put this into sentences during my brain tumor surgery by saying, “I didn’t see it, I didn’t go, I didn’t have a tear in my eye”. His rhetoric binds himself, not me.”