THE skincare treatments more luxurious resist the trends of the moment, confirming themselves as indispensable: gold, silver, platinum, diamond dust. From precious metals to the rarest ingredients, the skin care is a real luxury.

    Jewel skincare and cosmetics: super star gold

    Self silverhealing and antibacterial, it has an appearance role in skincare gold is the undisputed star.

    The golden mask on Irina Shayk (@irinashayk Instagram)

    «This is ideal for all skin types natural antioxidant it is a cure-all for the more mature and devitalized ones who lose brightness with menopause. In addition to enhancing the effectiveness of the assets with which it is associated, reflecting the light increases the skin temperature promoting microcirculation and improving the transparency of the complexion, “he explains Gelsomina Perri, pharmacist and director of Monteil Cosmetics Italia.

    How gold works in skincare

    There is a substance that acts as a precious metal booster: vitamin C. “It is the match that lights it up, stimulating it to relaunch the production of elastin and collagen and to protect the DNA of the cells” continues Perri who emphasizes how, when it comes to luxurious ingredients, one mustread the label carefully.

    If the label shows the term “gold” or “aurum”, it means that the element has been inserted into the formula in pure form, without undergoing any manipulation, and its particles are visible to the naked eye ». Just like the jewelry one, in short.

    But the variant often used in oils, creams, serums is colloidal. “In this case its particles, alone or mixed with others of platinum, silver, or even copper, reduced to a very fine powder and inserted into a very pure liquid, usually distilled water, and through a particular laboratory process they become organic in order to be assimilated by the skin “specifies the cosmetologist Miriam Deola.

    Gold, in which formulas?

    “Exist very light emulsions to be sprayed on face and body at any time of the day, above make-up or even before the sun because in addition to light up slow down the stain formation. The cosmetic result, immediately visible, is strengthened over time, giving a new one freshness to the face»Resumed Gelsomina Perri.

    Cosmetic gold masks, how they work

    The jewel masks are made with impalpable foils. Preparing them is simple. After cleansing the skin, take the leaves one by one with the help of tweezers and place them on the face and décolleté so as to completely cover the part.

    Lightly tap the tissue paper before removing it to make it adhere well to the skin. Six 8 × 8 cm sheets will be enough to cover the entire affected area, including the eye and lip contours.

    Leave on for 10-20 minutes, massaging lightly to remove any residues, also exerting a light scrub and with a light make-up remover remove what remains. If you are concerned about an allergy, do a patch test first.

    Powders and precious stones for luxury skincare

    The effectiveness of the jewel ingredients it is often a question of micron. “THE microcrystals of mother of pearl produced by the oyster, depending on their size, can make the complexion radiant by the refraction of light or become smoothing scrubs »continues Deola.

    “The Polveri diamond and emerald, micronized can have a filler effect, filling micro-wrinkles, or effectively stimulate skin renewal. The sapphire instead, it soothes redness ».

    The most precious massages

    Among the luxury treatments, the face-body massages with diamond powder mixed with precious oils, of caviar or truffle, for an immediate glow effect.

    “There micronized gemcomposed of pure carbon like coal, is detoxifying and keeps the sebaceous production, also containing trace elements that activate microcirculation »concludes the cosmetologist.


    We close with the copperfrom which it was possible to derive special peptides that speed up the scarring, flaming e increasing the immune charge.

    What makes magic possible is there fermentation: combining the metal with extracts of rice, plants, roots and petals worked together with yeasts and bacteria, it transforms the formulas into antioxidant bombs. They are not found in jewelry, but the skin is grateful.