Justice blocks inheritance of ‘poisoned’ and deceased supermarket boss

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) is blocking the enormous inheritance of supermarket owner Chris Grinwis from Halsteren. The suspicion remains that the former supermarket owner may have been poisoned by his ‘new’ love Yvon. But now Yvon is also dead and the fortune, reportedly more than a million euros, threatens to fall into the hands of her daughter. That is why the police and the judiciary want to do everything they can to prevent this, because they see it as crime money.

The case became known as the Halsterse poison murder, but whether it was a murder was never clarified because the court did not reach a verdict because the suspect committed suicide.

Now a new trial is looming: over the money, as is clear from reporting from BNDESTEM on Wednesday evening. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) in Breda confirms the latest developments in the case. Yvon’s inheritance is seen as money obtained from a crime and therefore an investigation is underway as to whether that money may be paid out to her daughter.

The story started with Chris and Mia Grinwis in Halsteren in 2019. They sold their supermarket in the Dorpsstraat for a lot of money and started taking things easier. But Mia became seriously ill. She developed dementia. Chris hired an experienced therapist to care for his wife: that was Yvon K. from Tilburg.

Mia soon died. Immediately afterwards, Chris and Yvon started a relationship. In just a few months, the love was so intense that Chris changed his will. He went to a notary and ensured that his family and that of Mia were disinherited. Yvon became the sole heir. She got everything if he died.

Death came faster than expected. A few weeks later in December 2020, Chris, aged 65, passed away. The relatives of Chris and Mia found that suspicious because Chris was not sick or anything. The will was also a sign that something was seriously wrong, they thought. The police were alerted and they started an investigation. Mia’s death was also investigated. She was dug up.

Mia turned out to have died of natural causes. But there was indeed something strange going on with Chris. Police specialists found a cocktail of drugs and toxins in his body.

What made it even more suspicious was that Yvon was a consultant at a euthanasia association and knew how to guide people to a self-chosen end. A family from Tilburg came forward with a similar story as in Halsteren.

The Public Prosecution Service was convinced that Yvon acted deliberately and charged her with murder. Motive: the large inheritance of possibly more than a million.

A trial followed in the autumn of 2023 and the Public Prosecution Service demanded 18 years for Grinwis’ death and 1 year for laundering the 227,00 euros found in Yvon’s safe and considered crime money.

But a few days before the court was to give its ruling, something unexpected happened: Yvon K. took his own life. She mainly left the surviving relatives with unanswered questions. And also a feeling of injustice because K.’s death automatically meant that the inheritance would go to her daughter.

The Public Prosecution Service clearly does not leave it at that and reports that an investigation is being conducted by the functional public prosecutor’s office, which specializes in complicated financial matters such as fraud. The Public Prosecution Service must prevent money from crimes such as murder from being laundered through, in this case, an inheritance.

Farewell letter
The Public Prosecution Service in Breda confirms that there is also an ongoing investigation into the death of Yvon K. and a second farewell letter from Yvon K. In addition, a letter of complaint and a claim for damages from Yvon’s daughter are at the Public Prosecution Service in Breda.

Yvon K.’s former lawyer speaks of the investigation as a shame. In the Brabant newspapers she calls the Public Prosecution Service ‘a sore loser’. According to her, the judiciary is using the new money laundering investigation ‘solely to put pressure on the daughter and give up the inheritance’: “It is improper use of the power that the judiciary has. Or pressure.” The counselor emphasizes that K.’s daughter has never been identified as a (co) suspect in the murder of Grinwis.


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