Juric and Italiano talk in the post Turin-Fiorentina

The Toro coach dampens the controversy: “We are two hot guys, however I don’t promise anything for next time…”. The Viola coach: “Let our embrace be an advertisement against the loud tones of these days”

March 2, 2024 (changed at 11.54pm) – MILAN

We expect sparks in front of the Sky microphones after the match, but instead everything ends in the best way, with a live hug between the Italian who “barges in” during the interview with Juric. “I was mean to you, I’m from the Balkans… – smiles Juric – The blood is the same, we live the matches intensely, we’ve had an intense but beautiful duel for some time. Today I exaggerated, I have to apologize but I don’t promise anything for the next time…”. “This is an image that must circulate – replies the Viola coach – because there are many controversies and negative situations, this must be an advert for the next few days”.


The Torino coach immediately toned down his tone: “These are things you do with adrenaline pumping, you argue about things that shouldn’t lead you to argue. But Italiano is a friend, there was a lot of tension, it happens and we move on” . But then he gets a bit angry with the Sky journalist who asks him about a Toro with a different spirit compared to the defeats against Roma and Lazio: “I didn’t see any nervousness, I saw a great Toro who created 5 chances in the first half, then there are decisions that disturb you but up until that point it had been a normal match. Instead of asking polemical questions I would talk about a great Torino. They created 7 goal opportunities against Lazio, Lazio didn’t pass half the field, there were It’s a lack of knowledge of football on your part. We conceded 14 shots against Lazio and 14 against Roma, 5 on target and conceding 5 goals. So if you bring up the spirit you speak badly of my team. It’s always been there, then yes they make mistakes but the spirit of Toro was no different. I’m very sorry for these three games, we created a lot of scoring opportunities and the sadness remains for having reached a high level of play but not having realized and paid dearly for individual mistakes.” However, a hug then arrives between them too which brings serenity back to the studio.


Juric then talks about the disputed episodes: “There’s the disallowed goal, then Ricci… he’s the anti-malice personified, too polite. It’s unfortunate because the team performed at very high levels, in the second half they showed a great group.”


Previously he had spoken in Italian: “At the end I was talking to the fourth official, I wanted to ask him, then there were some arguments, but nothing special, everything is fine. It’s not the first time it happens with Juric or others, after the The game all ends. We shake hands and move on. In the end I wanted to ask Cairo something but they stopped me. It can happen that we have hot tempers, we all want to win, the fact of seeing him there was for that, nothing ‘other. I didn’t see Juric’s bad gesture, I just wanted to say hello to Cairo, for whom I have great respect. The referee is part of the furniture, he can also ignite tempers at times, they could complain about the expulsion, we about a few too many free kicks in the second half. We could have even gotten angry. It’s one match out of 38, everything is over for me, I have to think about the next match. Tonight’s match was a photocopy of the matches played with Toro between the Italian Cup and the championship, dirty matches, where the ball often stays in the area, so they become ugly. We have always looked for the deep ball because they don’t allow you to play, it’s the seventh game that comes out like this with them, it means that they are two teams that – based on how they interpret football – rarely can produce a match of rare beauty . There is regret for not having done more in superiority, but when Toro only thinks about not conceding goals it becomes difficult, they are physically strong, we tried, it’s a shame, but let’s give value to the match won against Lazio and move on the ranking while remaining close to the top positions”.