Jürgen Klopp as national coach? Michael Ballack goes into raptures

Former national team captain Michael Ballack has spoken out in favor of Jürgen Klopp as national coach in the future.

“We would love it one day because he has this quality, this character, which symbolizes the whole German attitude. We can use a leader like him. Whenever he is ready, I think people would love it,” Ballack said on the English podcast “Football’s Greatest”. In a normal career it would be the case at some point, said the 2002 World Cup runner-up.

“He can build his own career, he can coach any club in the world. I think any club would be happy to have him,” Ballack continued about the former Dortmund champion coach, who will be leaving English leaders FC Liverpool at the end of the season. Klopp had announced that he would take a break afterwards. The 56-year-old is now in a position where he can make his own decisions and build his own career, Ballack continued.

Looking at the current state of the national team, Germany has lost a little of its greatest strengths such as discipline and mentality, Ballack complained: “If you look at the players, there were times when we struggled more with quality and we had one other strength, the German strength, which we call attitude, discipline. All these things that we bring to the pitch.”

Germany has to get back there under national coach Julian Nagelsmann, which is not easy. “We’re losing to teams we shouldn’t be losing to.”