Jürgen Klopp as national coach? DFB boss makes a clear announcement

Julian Nagelsmann’s contract as national coach expires after the European Championships. There is speculation about Jürgen Klopp as his successor. A DFB official now took a stand.

Julian Nagelsmann’s future as national coach remains unclear. The former Bayern coach initially signed a contract last year until the European Championship in his own country this summer (June 14th to July 14th). For DFB managing director Andreas Rettig, Nagelsmann could still continue, especially if the tournament is successful.

“You don’t send a successful national coach away,” emphasized Rettig in an interview with “Focus Online”. He did not want to say how far the DFB team had to get in the tournament before Nagelsmann’s work could be considered successful. “I’m not one of those who dictates rankings now,” said the 60-year-old. “It would be important that hearts fall to us. That wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

Rettig made one thing clear regarding Nagelsmann’s future as national coach: “Fourth in the preliminary round at a home European Championship would certainly not be a good application letter.” In the group stage, Germany will face Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland.

Klopp as national coach “not an issue”

Meanwhile, Jürgen Klopp is repeatedly talked about as a possible successor to Nagelsmann. The Dortmund champion coach (2011 and 2012) is quitting in the summer after nine years with top English team FC Liverpool. Klopp said in January 2024 that he simply had no energy left.

“We respect what he and his management have said. He wants to have a break and that’s why it’s not an issue,” said Andreas Rettig about Klopp’s personnel as a possible national coach. Therefore, no discussions took place with the 56-year-old. “There was no contact,” confirmed Rettig. “He gave himself a break.”