Jumbo boss Merijn Zeeman back after corona: ‘Our dream is still to win the Tour de France’ Tour de France

First of all, how frustrating was it at home on the couch in Bussum?
Merijn Zeeman: ,,Double, because in the beginning I was especially relieved that my positive test was picked out just in time. Especially because two days later I also became quite ill. I should not have thought that I had been with the team then. That just creates stress. I was especially happy about that. That’s more important than whether I’m there or not. I did have a helicopter view from the couch. You see a lot more than behind the pack in the car. So I was able to call through a lot of information. But of course the team dynamics cannot be controlled. Talking to riders who are disappointed or happy. That is not possible and that is difficult. Every now and then I did call riders or vice versa, but that’s different. Being at home during the Tour is strange. I did have an agreement with my children: when the final is underway, you go outside to play or you watch silently.”