Juha Mieto comments on the dispute between Niskanen and Parantainen – One piece of advice

Juha Mieto hopes that Niskanen and Parantainen will be able to settle the matter. Legend has a tough prediction about Niskas.

A skiing legend Juha Mieto gives advice to those who had a collision course at the Suomen Cup in Kuopio on Sunday Iivo Niskanen and Kalle Parantainen.

– The matter is clearest when the guys talk to each other. In the atmosphere of fierce competition, a person is a little different than in a coffee queue. When you’ve slept through the night, you’re a little wiser and know how to take the situation with humor, says Mieto.

The disagreements between Niskanen and Parantainen happened on Sunday during the anchor leg of the men’s relay. Niskanen tried to overtake Parantai on the uphill, but Kuusamo’s Erä-Veikko man blocked the lane.

The Olympic champion commented to Viaplay that Parantainen jumped in front of him and did not dodge. The competition partner, on the other hand, accused Niskanen of kicking him during the competition.

At the finish, emotions bubbled up again. According to IL’s findings, there was a heated discussion in the goal area, and the two made contact with each other.

Iivo Niskanen couldn’t pass on the uphill. Jussi Saarinen

Niskanen later published a statement on his social media accounts, in which he denied that he had approached, appointed or fired Parantai.

– If both skiers had been ordinary chubby people, no one would have paid attention. Now the other party was an Olympic champion, says Mieto.

– I could take a stand if I had seen the situation with my own eyes. Maybe they can tell each other the next time they meet that you’re also tough as hell, he continues.

Tight situation

Juha Mieto encourages skiers to make peace. Kaisa Vehkalahti

Mieto was once in a similar situation in his career as Parantainen and Niskanen on the uphill of the Kuopio slopes.

Mieto skied the opening leg of the relay at the Valkeakoski Championship and set off with number 57. He quickly rose to second place in the competition.

– The man from Lapua was ahead of me. I shouted in a loud voice “Latua!” The skier didn’t look behind him, he knew who was coming. He replied “hell I won’t go aside, go through the forest.” Coincidentally, there was only one track at the point. That was expected.

Mieto does not feel that he was a hot-blooded skier.

– I’m not that kind of person, even though I’m a brisk and smart guy. Getting hot is personal. In my time, it was handled like a gentleman. The group knew each other, which means they knew how to prepare if someone was a certain type.

Mieto, who celebrated Olympic gold in his career, points out that Niskanen was under pressure at the weekend. He finished fourth in the 12 km free race.

At the same time, the skiing star’s condition has been the subject of constant speculation.

– Aggressions surfaced. Niskanen skied hard in the relay.

The Lahti World Cup starts on Friday. Mieto wishes Niskanen good.

– This can make Niskanen an incendiary. He can ski no matter how hard. As an old competitive skier, I know exactly that this is how it goes.

Kalle Parantainen accused of kicking. Jussi Saarinen