Judo teacher Johan JF has to go to jail for years of abusing minor students. Girl from Assen also victim of fornication

39-year-old judo teacher Johan JF was found guilty on Thursday of years of indecency with underage students. The man, born and raised in the municipality of Hoogeveen, was sentenced to two years in prison for the abuse of the girls.

JF was a trainer at Judo School Assen when the first girls went to the police about the abuse that years earlier at another club often took place after training in the locker room, in his car or during club outings. Last spring he was immediately suspended by the association in Assen.

During the court hearing at the end of December, it emerged that one of his pupils from the Asser judo school was also a victim of sexual assault by the trainer between 2019 and March of this year. The now 17-year-old girl told her story to the police when JF was free again. The other three victims were abused by the man between 2015 and 2019. They were not yet 16 years old when it happened.

‘Affair’ with 14-year-old girl

The man himself stated that he had had an affair with one of the girls, but that it had never gone beyond kissing and groping. That started when she was fourteen. JF denied that he had fornicated with three other girls. But according to the court, in all cases there is enough evidence that the man abused the four students.

The court states that the suspect has been guilty of several sexual offenses over a longer period of time in which he victimized four minors. He did this in a situation where his victims were dependent on him in the sport of judo that they loved so much. For example, he had a sexual relationship for a longer period with a student whom he met in his capacity as a judo trainer.

Position of trust abused

In the ruling, the judge says about the victim with whom the man said he had an affair: “The suspect gradually approached the girl – who was afraid of disappointing or losing her trainer – after which several sexual acts took place between them. She should never have been confronted with the suspect’s behavior. He abused the position of trust he had from his position as judo trainer.”

Image of judo sport damaged

According to the court, in his position he also abused the other three victims. “He touched their breasts, buttocks and vaginas. He violated the physical integrity of his victims and disrupted their sexual development. All this has a major impact on the lives of his minor victims and their family and friends. It is unfortunate that the suspect abused his position, thereby also damaging the image of judo – as a defensive sport – in general. The court takes all of this seriously against the suspect.”

Of the 24 months in prison, ten months were conditionally imposed. He is also not allowed to coach judo for five years after serving his sentence. He must pay the victims a total of more than 13,000 euros in compensation.