Judith Godrèche: «Benoît Jacquot raped me when I was a minor»

Vraped when she was only 14 years old: this is the accusation made by the French actress Judith Godrèche towards the director Benoît Jacquot. The facts date back to 1986 when a relationship began between the two despite her very young age and the many years of distance between them (he was 39 years old at the time). Now she has told the truth about herself in an interview given to Le Monde and filed a complaint for rape of a minor against the director who is now 77 years old. Accusations from which the director defends himself by denying the actress’s claims.

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Judith Godrèche and Benoît Jacquot: the relationship

The actress Judith Godrèche and the director Benoît Jacquot they met in 1986 on the set of the film Les Mendiants, directed by him and in which she had acted. It was the beginning of an intimate relationship that would last six years.

According to the news agency Handle, the two lived their love story in broad daylight, without ever hiding. Indeed, her parents were in favor of the relationship and the two had purchased an apartment to live together in Paris. They separated in 1992. But only now does a dark side emerge in what could have seemed like a love story.

Today, the rape accusations

Rape with violence against a minor under 15 years old committed by a person in a position of authority: this is the accusation made by Judith Godrèche against the director. A crime punishable by 20 years in prison – he underlines Le Monde – although it has probably lapsed. In a letter addressed to her daughter and published by the French newspaper, the actress explains that she never gave consent to the relationship with the director defining himself as a “perverse man” on Instagram.

The French film star also remembers the sexual encounters with him: «He took my hand and led me upstairs, telling me to lie down on his bed. I don’t remember being kissed. It’s as if there was no tenderness at all” writes the news agency Act. In six years of the relationship, sadomasochistic episodes alternated with violence, especially in the last periods.

«It’s a story like those of children who are kidnapped and grow up without seeing the world and can’t think badly of their kidnapper. I would have liked Benoît to accept being my friend, not having me, I didn’t want his body. It soon disgusted me,” she said Le Monde.

The defense of director Benoît Jacquot

After living for a period in the United States, Judith Godrèche returned to France and decided to tell the whole truth about her relationship with the director. Decision made after some words from the director. In 2011, in fact, Benoît Jacquot underlined the illegality of that relationship, calling it «a transgression. She was 15, I was 40.”

Yet, after the actress’s accusation, always a Le Monde the director said he was in love with Judith. She, among other things, would have helped him overcome a difficult period on a professional level.

Who is Judith Godrèche

Born in 1972, Judith Godrèche is a well-known actress of French cinema. She began acting at a very young age and gained international fame with films such as The Spanish apartment And The iron mask, where he starred with Leonardo DiCaprio. In 1990 she was named Best Promising Actress at the César Awards for her role in La Désenchantée, film by Jacquot. The actress also took a stand in favor of the #MeToo movement after the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Who is Benoît Jacquot

French director and screenwriter, Benoît Jacquot was born in 1947. His name is often featured in film festivals. From Venice, where he has been in competition three times with Le Septième Ciel, No Scandal, L’Intouchable And Three heartsin Berlin and Cannes. He has worked with stars such as Catherine Deneuve. And certain statements he makes about the actresses he hires cause controversy. According to what was reported by‘Agi, the director «described his job as “pushing an actress to cross a threshold. The best way to do all this is to stay in the same bed.”