Joris A., the driver of the car that crashed on the Zanddijk in Julianadorp in October 2021, will hear today whether he will be convicted of causing this fatal accident. The accident killed 19-year-old Jason and seriously injured his then 18-year-old girlfriend. Many emotions were released during the trial. “I’ve already been sentenced to life in prison,” said Jason’s father.

    On October 8, 2021, Joris A. drove with two occupants at high speed on the Zanddijk in Julianadorp. The car crashed and 19-year-old Jason died. The police later determined that Joris A. drove between 131 and 143 kilometers per hour, where 50 is allowed.

    The case was heard two weeks ago and the next of kin used their right to speak. Jason’s girlfriend, who was also in the car during the accident and was seriously injured, used her right to speak. Jason’s sister and father also addressed the perpetrator with emotional words.

    “You betrayed my trust. Why did you speed? Why didn’t you use your mind? Zero remorse is visible in you, or remorse for your actions. In this box is my son. 3270 grams, his birth weight. My son hears not in a box,” said Jason’s father at the time.

    Two weeks ago, a prison sentence of two years was demanded in the court in Alkmaar, of which one year was suspended and a probationary period of two years. The Public Prosecutor also wants his driver’s license to be revoked for four years.

    A.’s lawyer advocates community service of 240 hours and a driving ban of one year. And if there were to be a prison sentence, it would preferably be largely conditional, he thought. “Nobody benefits from an unconditional prison sentence,” he told the court two weeks ago.

    The lawyer for the next of kin asked for compensation for Jason’s parents, stepfather, sister and half-sister. He also requested reimbursement of the costs of Jason’s funeral and additional care costs for his sister to follow therapy.

    The final verdict of the judge will be handed down today and will be available later today at NH Nieuws.