Judge releases detailed list of Trump material seized: dozens of “secret” folders found empty | Abroad

A US judge today released a detailed inventory of the documents seized during the search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. It concerns a whole series of secret documents, as well as newspaper clippings and gifts.

A total of 33 boxes of material were seized. It contained 18 documents labeled “top secret”, 54 documents labeled “secret”, and a further 31 documents labeled “confidential”.

More than 48 empty folders labeled “secret” and 42 empty folders marked to be returned to an army officer or employee were also seized.

In addition, the investigators also found more than 11,000 non-secret government documents, such as newspaper clippings and magazines, as well as gifts and clothing.

Status of the investigation

Judge Aileen Cannon also released a document today informing the court of the status of the investigation of the seized documents. In it, the investigators say they have completed a preliminary examination of the material and extracted all documents that were labeled as secret. The documents will now be further examined and reviewed, as further steps are taken in the investigation, including the hearing of additional witnesses and a grand jury, it said. A grand jury in United States criminal law is a jury of citizens authorized to conduct legal proceedings, investigate possible criminal conduct, and determine whether criminal charges should be brought.

The Justice Department investigation may be put on hold if Judge Cannon agrees to Trump’s request to appoint a special investigator to conduct an independent investigation of the seized documents. However, Cannon said on Thursday that she may allow US intelligence officials to continue the investigation to assess the extent to which national security has been compromised, even if a special investigator is appointed.

The Justice Department previously reported in court documents that it has evidence that classified documents were deliberately withheld from the FBI when it raided Trump’s home in June to retrieve them.

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