With thirteen apple trees in her backyard, Joyce van der Kamp is assured of a large mountain of apples every autumn. The yield this year is only even higher than normal and in the meantime the Vennepse can no longer see applesauce. She therefore divides the fruits among people who are less fortunate financially.

    “At the moment apples are not even the most expensive product in the supermarket, but I think everything is a plus,” Joyce says today in her orchard. “People can turn it into applesauce or a tasty pie this way.”

    ‘Nice cup of applesauce’

    A call on social media shows that many people are interested in a bag of apples, today a number of people immediately visited Joyce. Also Justin from Nieuw-Vennep: “It’s a great initiative, I live with my mother and now we have a nice bowl of applesauce tonight.”

    Producer HAK made this week we still know that the price of applesauce is increasing due to high energy costs: “Our applesauce has already become about 20 cents more expensive. If energy prices remain so high, you have to think that products will become 30 percent more expensive across the board.” With a pot of applesauce of 1.80 euros, it quickly becomes about 2.20-2.30 euros, says director Timo Hoogeboom.


    “That’s why I think it’s very nice that the people who come by are so happy with the apples, that makes me happy too,” says Joyce. She does have a day job picking the fruits: “I’ve been busy this morning with apple trees in the front yard, so I haven’t started the backyard yet.”