José Luis Moreno distances himself from the contract with RTVE before the ‘Titella’ judge


09/27/2023 at 2:18 p.m.


He refuses to deliver a sample of his handwriting to the Titella judge, citing haste and reiterates that the accusations against him are “false”

The television producer José Luis Moreno, who appeared this Wednesday before the judge of the National Court investigating the ‘Operation Titella’, has indicated that his role in the contract that the plot negotiated with RTVE to make a series was that of a creative grouper because the weight of the conversations was carried by the company Integral Mundo Producciones.

Legal sources present at the interrogation consulted by Europa Press have explained that this was their response when asked about that specific contract. It should be remembered that according to the investigation, Moreno and his partner Antonio Aguilera would have used the company Integral Mundo Producciones to sign an agreement with the public entity thanks to the “collaboration” of Santiago Segura and after maintaining “numerous contacts and meetings” with the then president of RTVE José Antonio Sánchez and the directors of Content and Programming Antonio Luis Sevilla and Fernando López Puig.

According to the investigators’ report regarding the diaries that Moreno kept at his home in Boadilla del Monte at the time of his arrest, the producer would have turned to the actor Santiago Segura as a “guarantee” to sign that contract with Spanish Television worth more of 6 million euros.

But this Wednesday, Moreno, when asked by the prosecutor, indicated that Segura signed up for the series project because he was a friend and because he was enthusiastic about the idea. Furthermore, he has confirmed that he paid for a trip to Germany for one of the directors of RTVE – Antonio Sevilla – but has maintained that he is a man of integrity who wanted to move to private company and that he wanted to sign him for one of his projects. Regarding this project, he has reiterated that Integral Mundo was in charge of the negotiations and that his role was that of a creative.

“Everything is false”

On the other hand, the producer has refused to deliver a body of writing to the magistrate —a sample of his handwriting— claiming that he was in a hurry. The sources consulted have indicated that the request of the magistrate Ismael Moreno to have this body of writing has occurred at the end of the appearance – which began at 9:30 a.m. and lasted an hour and a half – and the person investigated as alleged leader of the macro-scam has refused to do so today, stating that he could not do so due to his agenda. Predictably, this sample will be used to compare it with certain notes that appear in the case.

Furthermore, the historic producer, who has responded to all the parties who have wanted to question him, has indicated both within the court and to the media that everything related to him in this case “is false.” “I’m wonderfully well, I’m not nervous at all and everything is false“, he succinctly pointed out to the tabloid and court journalists who were waiting for him to leave.

Specifically, Moreno came to respond to the report of the Civil Guard which appears in the actions on the project that he would have prepared for the public entity and in Aguilera’s statement.

In general, he has insisted in his statement that all the operations that concern him were legal, that he did not know where Aguilera obtained the funds for the audiovisual projects that he promoted, and he became angry when the word ‘bite‘ in the interrogation following a report from the Civil Guard.

Tax documents

Furthermore, at a given moment, the producer has indicated to the judge and the prosecutor that he is willing to collaborate in the case and that he is at the disposal of the court, to which the Public ministry He has blamed him for not providing tax documentation for companies that had been requested of him. Moreno has asserted that he will do it.

For his part, the lawyer of Alejandro Roemmers, the Argentine producer allegedly defrauded by Moreno within the framework of the collaboration to make the series ‘Glow and Darkness‘ (Shining and Darkness) about the life of Francisco de Asís, has put on the table alleged irregularities in the travel receipts that his client paid to the ventriloquist – 650,000 euros -. Apparently, the trips paid for by the Argentine producer do not correspond to those actually taken by Moreno, to which the investigator has indicated that these may be administrative errors.

This was the second time that the ventriloquist testified during the investigation phase – he availed himself of your right not to testify after being arrested in July 2021– after the magistrate questioned him in February of last year, precisely at the request of the television producer himself.

In that statement, Moreno denied any illegality in relation to the alleged macro-scam, ensuring that He was not a boss of anything. but a businessman with a long history.