Jose de Mendiguren was one of the incorporations of the Minister of Economy Serge Massa to your financial team. Today, almost two months after the start of his functions, the Secretary of Industry and Productive Development takes stock of the objectives achieved and the problems that still do not find a solution. “Today none of all the economists and politicians who are acting can demonstrate a success of the inflationary treatment, we all fail”, acknowledged “El Vasco”.

    And he pointed out that the solution to the problem of inflation is built “working with humility among all”. “The situation is delicate, we can contribute to that formula. I have great appreciation for Hernan Lacunzathe other day I heard him talk about the reprofiling of the debt, which was what he had to do at the end of the government of Mauricio Macri and what we tried to avoid a short time ago. All of us have failed with the measures we proposed, Alfonso Prat Gay He also believed that leaving the stocks there was going to be no inflation and that was not what happened, ”said the official in dialogue with Radio Delta.

    According to the survey of the consulting firm LCG so far in septemberthe food and beverage category has already increased 7.7% and reached its strongest rise since June, which reflects that inflation remains at very high levels. A few weeks ago, the INDEC data regarding inflation for August were released: 7%, a slight drop compared to July, when it had reached 7.4%. In the last 12 months accumulated an increase of 78.5%the highest in three decades.

    “We don’t necessarily have to keep failing, we have to take advantage of each other’s experiences. When it’s time to govern and a war or a pandemic comes, where your energy goes from 8 dollars to 60, you can’t do much. We all have to find a formula, You have to be creative and not hypocritical. It is not constructive to wait for the government to make a decision to criticize it and not bring another alternative,” he said. By Mendiguren.

    And he defended the current management from criticism: “There are many who criticize us because inflation is going to be highbut I think that putting a lower one would imply a level of brake on the economy. We pay a high cost in terms of unemployment and poverty, the government’s challenge is to go to a stabilization plan but above all with economic growth. There is an urgency to take out concrete measures that provide fiscal relief for everything that is additional production to what we have today”, he explained.

    José De Mendiguren together with the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa.

    The official also highlighted the achievements of the current administration, and remarked that the main concern of the government at this time is that the level of economic activity does not fall which was “very good in the first semester”. He also spoke of the need to move towards greater fiscal discipline to end “superfluous expenses” and to generate “greater income in dollars.”

    “The relationship with international entities with whom we not only had difficulty obtaining confirmed credits was recomposed, but additional credits were also obtained with the world Bank and with him IDB”, the official pointed out. And the fact is that the agreement with the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) is one of the achievements that Massa’s team can boast: the IDB’s board of directors will meet on October 7 to discuss the disbursements to Argentina of US$ 1.2 billion.

    Just a month ago the situation was complexthis was because Argentina was not going to fulfill its obligation in pesosthe famous reprofiling. There was talk that the dollar was almost at $340 heading for $400, that we did not have reserves or the possibility of reaching these, there was enormous pressure for a sharp devaluation. In the inauguration, Sergio Masssa proposed a series of measures to stabilize the variables, the possibility of a default was cleared in pesos, thanks to an agreement with the agricultural sector, $5 billion reservethat we are going to complete it in the remainder of the month”, stated De Mendiguren optimistically.

    by RN

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