Jorge Macri’s campaign, the cousin of discord

The trip to New York was just a parenthesis in the battle that had started in Buenos Aires. Phone in hand to find out what’s new in Argentina, Jorge Macri he was attentive to health issues, to walk with his wife and to try to rest. On Sunday the 16th, after five days in the United States, he returned to the country to face the dispute over the succession to the leadership of the Buenos Aires Government, but also to take charge of the place that fell to him: to be the unwanted protagonist of the furious fight between Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Mauricio Macri.

The pulsations in the City increased since Larreta’s announcement to hold concurrent elections. While radicalism made its play, larretism explained his decision and the hard wing of the PRO charged against the mayor of Buenos Aires, the cousin of the former president was silent. He preferred to be cautious and did not even tweet about it.
Jorge Macri’s campaign will not be easy. Until the elections, he will have to balance being Mauricio’s candidate and Horacio’s minister. There is a lot of pressure on his back: He is the PRO’s favorite candidate in the yellow páramo. He can’t lose.
Disputes. Given the former president’s reaction to Larreta’s decision, within Together for Change they protested: “Macri has every right to say ‘I like my cousin’, but not to bend the rules,” he told him Martin Lousteau, the radical candidate for head of government.
The search is to present it as a case of nepotism: that Mauricio accommodated his cousin in Capital to preserve the surname. “How are they going to say that, if it was Horacio who called me to work in his Cabinet,” Jorge Macri reminded his girl table. And he added: “What’s more, Mauricio did not agree. We had to convince him.”
The mayor of Vicente López crossed into the Capital in 2021 with the firm idea of ​​being Larreta’s successor. According to his intimates, he notified his intentions from the outset and the mayor of Buenos Aires authorized him to compete. But those definitions that long ago seemed to be resolved naturally today generate rispidities: Fernán Quirós ratified that he will be the PRO candidate and Larreta continues to show himself with Lousteau. The map is confusing.
The trip to New York served to ease tensions. The Buenos Aires minister went to the United States to review treatment alternatives for his leg disability. “By the way, he took the opportunity to study innovative management ideas to improve the City”, they complete in his environment.
In fact, disability will be one of the campaign axes: how to make Buenos Aires a more inclusive city. There are some posts on their networks that advance the subject. The other cardinal points will be security and public order.
However, beyond explaining his political platform, Jorge Macri will have to worry about the internal one. He must get out of the many traps that have been set up for him.
protests. It was Larreta himself who added drama to the situation. In the midst of the escalation of tension, he warned: “The last word on Jorge Macri’s candidacy is held by Justice.” Later he tried to soften his statements, arguing that his minister had shown him the documentation that he certifies that he is domiciled in the Capital and that he is in a position to participate. But the wave of claims had already started.
Jorge Macri protested: “She is a political Chicana.” According to his version, he can exhibit before the Justice a habitual residence in the Recoleta neighborhood since 2015. And that in 2022, after the marriage with the journalist Maria Belen Luduenamoved to an apartment in Palermo.
This explanation could cause problems in your small payment. Councilors of the Front of All by Vicente López They asked him to resign from the mayor’s office, from where he took leave. “If he can prove that he has lived there for five years, he disappointed the neighbors by presenting himself as mayor in 2019,” the mayor Laura Braiza crossed it.
There are more than three months left of the PASO, but the internship in the Capital is lived with great intensity. Jorge Macri will have to apply all his experience to be able to walk into the fire of Together for Change without being burned.

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