Jorge Macri asked to expel foreigners who commit crimes

“We must expel foreigners without citizenship who commit crimes. Last night before a alert 911City Police personnel arrested three criminals who were robbing an appliance store in the Balvanera neighborhood and who tried to escape. All three are foreigners and none of them have Argentine citizenship. Must be restore the regulations that modified the Migration Law in 2017 to expedite the expulsion of those foreigners, without citizenship, who choose our country to commit crimes, and who It was repealed in 2021 by Kirchnerism. Our city should no longer be the place where people come to commit crimes,” wrote the Head of the Buenos Aires Government, Jorge Macri, in his X account.

Those detained by the City Police They turned out to be two Chilean citizens and one Colombian, who, before being arrested, discarded a bag containing fourteen cell phones, which were recovered and will be examined. From the Urban Monitoring Center (CMU), they followed the escape of the registers and informed the police personnel: personnel from the Community Investigations Division 3 (DIC3) joined, who arrested the third criminal in Bartolomé Miter and Ecuador.

The norm to which Macri refers is the Decree 70 from his cousin Mauricio, who in January 2017 modified the Migration Law, and states that each State has “the sovereign prerogative to decide the criteria for admission and expulsion of non-nationals.” Along these lines, a “very summary special immigration procedure” was instituted to refuse entry and expel foreign criminals.

Supported by the long history of local justice and the increase in people of foreign nationality in the custody of the Penitentiary Service, which reached 33%, the decree sought to quickly expel foreigners and free up space in the already saturated Argentine prisons. And it reached the “crimes of trafficking in weapons, people, narcotics, organs or tissues, or for money laundering or investments in illicit activities.” While the entry ban affected those who had a history of acts of terrorism, war crimes, crimes against humanity or who promoted prostitution.

Said macrista decree was repealed by Alberto Fernandez in 2021 maintaining that its guidelines “They are irreconcilable with our National Constitution and with the international system for the protection of human rights, among which it is worth mentioning the violation of the principle of due process, the right to legal assistance and defense, the restriction on broad and sufficient control of the judicial power over acts of the administrative authority, the breadth with which the preventive detention of the migrant is provided without defining the causes that enable it and the restriction on the rights of family reunification and exemption for humanitarian reasons.

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