Jorge Javier supports the health demonstration in Madrid: "Health or Ayuso, there is no other"

Jorge Javier Vazquez he has talked about politics again on his blog. On this occasion, the presenter of ‘Save me’ He has spoken about the demonstrations in Madrid in defense of public health, mobilizations that he has not hesitated to support publicly.

For this, the face of Telecinco begins by talking about the need for dating applications to implement a new filter: “A fundamental one is missing, that of ideologies”. “I, for example, would not have any sentimental relationship (…) with a boy who voted for Isabel Díaz Ayuso,” acknowledges Jorge Javier, who has stayed “without the necessary stamina to listen to gays defending the president”.

“They produce me between shame and rejection,” confesses the host of ‘Survivors’ throughout his text, where he also admits that he prefers “to die tortured by Pablo Iglesias to die cradled by the words of Isabel Díaz Ayuso”.

At this point, Jorge Javier goes on to analyze the political discourses of the PP: “When you read, you can tell that you don’t understand very well what it says and when it pronounces itself you have a terrible time because it gardens with astonishing ease”. “Then he ends by referring to the Bolivarian and pro-Eta government and that is when you realize that everything has come to an end. At the moment in which he pulls those concepts it is that either he has nothing to say or what he is going to say It’s not true,” he added.

After narrating his fooling around “with a boy from Instagram”, the man from Badalona explains that at first he thought of meeting him at the demonstration: “Because our first date was not going to be like the others, in a bar”. However, he ended up reconsidering because “The first thing at this time is that the president does not continue to dismantle public health.”

“Because we risk our lives, the same one to which she refers so much when she scoldingly frowns when talking about abortion. Health or Ayusothere is no other”, reflects Jorge Javier.