Jorge Fernández Díaz presented his latest book, a police officer with a woman’s name

Booksellers, influencers, booktubers and journalists They accompanied the writer Jorge Fernandez Diaz at the presentation of her latest book, “Cora”, a detective novel named after the detective who stars in it.

The meeting was in the morning at one of the most classic bars in Buenos Aires, “Los galgos”. During the meeting, Fernández Díaz spoke with his editor at Planeta, Mariano Valerio, and revealed secrets of the writing of this police officer“a story of women who get into quilombos,” as both defined the book.

After the great success of his Remil trilogythe protagonist of the novels “The Dagger”, “The Wound” and “The Betrayal”and the extensive essay “An Argentine history in real time”the writer takes up in this text two narrative lines already present in his previous production: on the one hand, the plots that he knew how to cover at the beginning of his career as a police reporter and, on the other hand, the topics linked to the female universe that appeared in books like “Mom” and “The loneliest women in the world”, among others. Precisely, as he narrated during the presentation, it was his friend Tomás Eloy Martínez who pointed out to him that he had a special instinct for writing about those topics. “You know feminine nature. I continued on that side,” the journalist told him in the last days of his life.

Cora Bruno, the protagonist of the story, regularly investigates issues that have to do with feelings: infidelities and betrayals, the kind that leave broken hearts and wounded self-esteem. But she is also a woman crossed by emotions. She lives in Palermo, is surrounded by friends and has a sexist boyfriend, Turco Zarif, who “makes her feel like a woman.”


The narration of “Cora” It is direct and dizzying, without drifts into subplots or philosophical reflections, the kind that bore readers, explained Fernández Díaz, who gave as an example of this “inflation” that the stories suffered; the “True Detective” series, “which when it reaches the end no one cares who the murderer was.” “Cora seeks to be a refuge novel. A book is successful when it reveals the reader,” he explained about this volume that, for now, the writer cannot affirm that it will become a saga.


Having fun with what he writes and not being bound by an obligation is fundamental in the literary career of Fernández Díaz, who considers his journalistic work (on Radio Miter and the newspaper La Nación), his true daily work, differentiated from his fiction.

Jorge Fernández Díaz is one of the most respected journalists in Argentina, decorated with the Cross of the Order of Isabel la Católica in Spain and declared an Outstanding Personality of Culture by the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires. At the Argentine Academy of Letters, he occupies Juan Bautista Alberdi’s chair.

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