Jordan Stolz remains ahead of Patrick Roest at the World All-round Championships on the first day, Marijke Groenewoud leads the women’s category | Sport

With videosNot Patrick Roest, but Jordan Stolz is in the lead in the general classification after the first day of the World Allround Championships. The teenage sensation set a track record in the 500 meters on Saturday and later broke his personal record in the 5000 meters. Among the women, Marijke Groenewoud leads after two distances. The difference with number two Joy Beune is minimal.

5000 meters men

After the first day of the World Allround Championships in Inzell, Patrick Roest is in second place behind Jordan Stolz. The 28-year-old Lekkerkerker finished second in the 5000 meters in 6:06.55, making up eight seconds on the American, who finished seventh in 6:14.76.

Roest was beaten in his ride by the Italian Davide Ghiotto, who won in a track record of 6.06.28. The Dutch world champion in the 5000 meters had to make up 19.60 seconds on Stolz, who had won the 500 meters earlier on Saturday in a track record of 34.10.

The American already had to compete against Jake Weidemann. He quickly left the Canadian behind and rode on his own with almost all laps in 29 seconds. With a small acceleration in the final laps he achieved a great personal record.

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Chris Huizinga finished ninth in the 5000 meters with 6.16.34. This moved him up to thirteenth place in the rankings. Kars Jansman achieved a time of 6.16.40, good for tenth place. He rose to fourteenth place in the rankings.

“It was a good time, but I don’t think it was good enough,” Roest said afterwards NOS. The gap to Stolz in the rankings is still large. At the 1500 meters the difference is 3.41 seconds, and the expectation is that that margin will even increase towards the decisive 10000 meters. “I can’t just make up for that. I know it will be very difficult to get him back, but I’m just going to ride two good distances and then we’ll see how far we get. We will go for it, but it will be very difficult.”

3000 meters women

Marijke Groenewoud is in the lead after the first day of the World All-round Championships. The 25-year-old Friezin finished second in the 3000 meters in 3.57.94 and made up enough time on Japanese classification leader Miho Takagi to pass her in the rankings. The 3000 meters was won by Joy Beune in a track record of 3.55.72. Beune is therefore second.

Beune had seen that Takagi had achieved 4.05.41 before the mop break. The Japanese looked tired and stayed well above her own top time at that distance. The Dutchwoman saw her opponent Francesca Lollobrigida from Italy start quickly, but took the initiative after two laps and kept the decline in lap times small. Under the encouragement of the many Dutch skating fans, she dived more than three seconds below Martina Sablikova’s old top time in Inzell.

Groenewoud defeated compatriot Antoinette Rijpma-de Jong in the final stage, who finished fifth in 4.01.05. She retained just enough of her 500 meter margin over Beune to maintain the lead in the rankings. She has a lead of 0.48 seconds over Beune for the 1500 meters. Rijpma de Jong is fourth in the rankings, just behind Takagi, who previously won the 500 meters, but dropped to third place.

“I knew I was good, but this is a good start to the all-round championship. It couldn’t be better,” said Beune, who set a personal record in the 500 meters and 3000 meters. NOS Groenewoud said she was happy with her first day in Inzell: “This is nice. I participate to win, not to come second or third.”

500 meters men

Jordan Stolz also set a track record. The 19-year-old American skating sensation, debutant at the World All-round Championships, raced to a time of 37.10 seconds in the 500 meters. The number two, the Japanese Shomu Sasaki, followed by 1.33 seconds.

Patrick Roest, three-time world all-round champion (2018, 2019 and 2020) finished fourth in 36.06 seconds.
The other two Dutchmen finished in the rear. Chris Huizinga (37.45 seconds) occupies ninth place, Kars Jansman (37.60) takes 22nd place.

As the reigning world champion in the 500, 1000 and 1500 meters, Stolz was also the top favorite for the sprint title, but he chose to concentrate on the all-round tournament. The sprint title went to the Chinese Zhongyan Ning.

500 meters women

It was no surprise that Miho Takagi, the world sprint champion, was convincingly the fastest over the shortest distance. The Japanese was the only one to go under 38 seconds: 37.57. Antoinette Rijpma-de Jong came fourth with a time of 38.35 seconds. Marijke Groenewoud finished sixth (38.64), Joy Beune tenth (39.17).

Rijpma-de Jong has already won bronze four times in her career at the World All-round Championships. Groenewoud and Beune make their debut.

Takagi also participated in both the World Sprint World Championships and the World All-round World Championships in the 2019 season. Then she came second in the sprint tournament in Heerenveen at the end of February and second at the World All-round Championships in Calgary a few weeks later. She has also won both tournaments before, the World Sprint Championships in 2020 and the World All-round Championships in 2018. In Inzell, the Japanese will compete in the two four-way events in succession for the first time.

Dutch participants

• Women: Joy Beune, Marijke Groenewoud, Antoinette Rijpma-de Jong
• Men: Patrick Roest, Chris Huizinga, Kars Jansman

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Ranking among women

Standing among men

Jordan Stolz in action in the 5000 meters.
Jordan Stolz in action in the 5000 meters. © AP

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