Jonge bestuurder (20) loses controle over peperdure McLaren supercar | Nieuws

A 20-year-old driver crashed into a McLaren in Switzerland. A sports car costs around 300,000 euros. You get lost in a half-open tunnel to control the car. A woman (20) who was born as a passenger was in the light.

The 20-year-old reed was built at 21 uur on the expressway A1, near Lenzburg, in the direction of Zurich. Op a stuk speedway in a half-open tunnel, lost the jongeman in a flauwe bocht de controle. The car offered different colors across a wall. Hij kwam aan de Andere kant van de snelweg dead stand still.

The owner of the vehicle was previously equipped with a desk, but the 20-year-old woman had less success. Zij had no need for the opgetrommmelden hulp services.

The McLaren was one of the reeds and had a power output of 570 horsepower. The top speed is around 300 km/h. The sports car can never crash, the material is a shame.

Rijbewijs dried

The Zwitserse politie onderzoekt hoe de crash kongeuren. On the basis of the first bevindingen speelde the power of the speed and fit on the omstandigheden a role. The tax must be taken into account beforehand.

The car, with 570 pk, offered different dimensions and a wall. © Aargau Cantonal Police

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