The rumor mill surrounding Johnny Depp’s potential return as Jack Sparrow in a sixth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean is churning. Some say filming will begin as early as February, others disagree, allegedly based on secret insider knowledge from Depp’s environment. Here is an overview of all the “felt truths”.

    With “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” the last part of the series was released in 2017. All five films are directed by Jerry Bruckheimer and produced by Disney.

    An overview of the latest news

    The Sun reported Wednesday (November 23) from “secret source”, that Depp will start test shooting for the sixth part of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, titled “A Day At The Sea”, as early as February 2023 in Great Britain. According to the magazine, a director has not yet been chosen. Disney reportedly wants to keep more detailed information secret.

    In contrast, the Daily Mail announced on the same daythat the above information is incorrect. The New York Post also wrotethat the rumors about a sixth part with Johnny Depp are not true. This was reported to them by an anonymous source close to the actor.

    Probably the most serious argument: a grossing sum of 4.5 billion US dollars

    Plans for a sixth part have been circulating for several years. Margot Robbie also recently announced that the planned spin-off of “Pirates of the Caribbean” with her in the leading role will not be implemented. The first four installments in the series each grossed $1 billion worldwide. The fifth part yielded less than its predecessors at around 800 million US dollars, but was still considered successful overall. With a sum of approximately 4.5 billion US dollars According to “CNCB”, the productions are the 13th most successful film series of all time. A sixth part, with or without Johnny Depp, could definitely be financially profitable.

    In recent months, Depp has been the focus of attention, mainly due to the lengthy court case against his ex-wife Amber Heard, which he was able to win for the most part. Excerpts from the process have already been recreated in the form of a feature film. It is difficult to say whether the legal dispute for a potential role of the actor could have been detrimental to a possible sixth part.