John Lennon and George Harrison would have fit in with the Rolling Stones

In a humorous chat with the London newspaper “The Telegraph,” Keith Richards once again showed his talent for crisp lines:

“I quit cigarettes in 2019 and heroin in 1978. Then in 2006 with cocaine… Well, drinking, I still like to drink something…” said the indestructible man, who will celebrate his 80th birthday shortly after Christmas 2023

The sixties relationship with the Liverpool colleagues from the Beatles also continues to concern the London suburban legend, especially the rivalry between the fans of the two flagship bands.

Richards predicts today: “I don’t think John Lennon would have had a problem fitting in with the Stones. Or George, if you can imagine such a thing.”

He states:

“We were the same generation and we all loved the same music. When we heard the Beatles for the first time, we were relieved that there was another band in England who were on the same track as us. And within a few months, that musical track became the main and fast track!”

Elsewhere in the interview, Richards discusses Paul McCartney’s appearance on her upcoming new album, Hackney Diamonds. This is about the album track “Bite My Head Off”, where a bass track was still available.

“Paul happened to be in town…and we couldn’t stop him; God bless him. (…) And hey, if you can get one of the Beatles to do your track, then do THAT. Paul is a very likeable guy who is easy to act with; We have always been good friends…”

The Rolling Stones in band format recently spoke about the upcoming release in a talk with “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon; as is well known, her 24th “long iron”.

The live premiere of the first single “Angry” also took place here. In the talk format, Mick Jagger said about the album:

“I don’t want to be cocky, but we wouldn’t have released this album if we didn’t really like it. We said we had to make a record that we really loved ourselves. We’re very happy with it, we’re not snooty. But we hope everyone enjoys it.”

He succinctly confirmed that the new record will contain twelve tracks, two of which feature the late drummer Charlie Watts. The band started working on the new songs at the end of 2022. The goal, which was largely met, was to finish the album by late summer 2023. The wind is already singing the release date: October 20th.