Johanna Matintalo published a dark picture – Krista Pärmäkoski cursed the situation

Johanna Matintalo has corona infection.

Johanna Matintaloa was not seen at Ruka’s race fair. The Ski Federation said on Friday that the woman will be sidelined due to illness.

On Sunday evening, more information was obtained when Matintalo posted a picture of two corona tests on Instagram. They showed a positive result.

– Thank you Ruka, Matintalo had written on the picture.

National teammate Krista Pärmäkoski comment on the picture succinctly.

You can the devilPärmäkoski wrote with a crying smiley.

The 26-year-old Matintalo would have been tough, especially in sprints.

If the image does not appear on your device, you can view it from here.

Johanna Matintalo had to miss the Ruka World Cup due to corona infection. PASI LEISMA