Johan Derksen unwell in car to VI: ‘Intestine clamp, operation needed’

Johan Derksen reveals why he failed to appear on Thursday’s Today Inside: his intestine got stuck between his inguinal hernia on the way to the studio. “I’m going to get treated now.”

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The day before yesterday it was a big surprise for the viewers of Today Inside: not Johan Derksen, but Rutger Castricum sat at the right at the head of the table. What was going on with the TV senior? The influential opinion maker said it himself last night in the talk show on SBS 6. “I have experienced something very bad, I have to be honest.”

Legs wide

Johan has had an inguinal hernia for years. “When moving and lifting, you can sometimes get an inguinal hernia. Every move is a hernia for me and I have moved very often. In any case: I came to the hospital during that corona time for an operation. Then they said, ‘Yes, we don’t have room for that now.’”

He postponed it. “I went again later and the surgeon said: ‘Does it bother you?’ ‘No.’ He says: ‘Come back when it bothers you. And if an intestine gets stuck, that is possible, you lie on the table or on the bed and then you spread your legs wide and then together again and then wide again and then everything will be fine again.’”

Intestinal clamp

It has now happened to Johan. “Yesterday I was in the car and there was an intestinal blockage. Well, then you don’t want to know how that hurts. You can no longer sit and you cannot do anything with your legs.”

Wilfred Genee surprised: “You could have just been lying on the highway next to the road, right?”

Johan: “Yes, Plug (his driver, ed.) wanted to stop me from lying down in the back, but you don’t have room there either. And I was already soaking wet with sweat.”


Wilfred thinks that Johan should have stopped along the road. “There are benches along the way where you can have a picnic.”

Johan: “Well, if only I had you with me. Then I went home and lay in bed with my legs wide, but that didn’t help and I had a pain in my stomach, boy. And then all at once you feel: whoop. And then it’s over.”

Wilfred: “But it could happen again at any time?”

Very dangerous

Yes, Johan confirms. “Yes, but it is also very dangerous, because there can be a perforation and then there is a hole in your intestine and then they have to remove a whole piece of intestine. They also warned about that. It’s very annoying. Only people who have had an inguinal hernia know what it is. It is much worse than menstruation, for example.”

Wilfred: “Are you going to have something done about it now?”

Johan: “I’m going to the doctor on Tuesday. I’m going to have something done about it now, yes.”