Johan Derksen finds it understandable that SBS 6 is currently completely in ruins. He finds it shocking what is being broadcast on the channel. “It is of poor quality.”

    © SBS 6

    Under the leadership of John de Mol, SBS 6 has become an empty shell full of thirteen-in-a-dozen quizzes and stars that are past glory. The channel is propped up by the men of Today Inside. Only when they are on channel does SBS 6 still look like something. And VI star Johan Derksen has already realized this himself.

    Below level

    Johan sees the importance of VI. “Recently I said to Wilfred, who I was on the phone with: ‘If we don’t do something, we will become increasingly important for SBS 6, because it is going terribly.’ It’s terrible. It is simply also very understandable, because I also find the quality of what they bring is below standard,” he says to The Telegraph.

    Several programs have been taken off the tube by SBS 6, including those with Richard Groenendijk and Sander Lantinga. “All kinds of people suddenly get a quiz, you know. A disc jockey, a man with a different program. From: who has nothing to do for a while? Okay, you do it. That’s not how it works.”


    It is good that VI is returning, Johan thinks. “It’s also necessary, isn’t it, because it’s terrible with Dutch TV, isn’t it? It’s all repetitions of repetitions. There is nothing on TV that attracts attention.”

    According to the football expert, it is all one pot wet these days. “More and more people are sitting at the table in those talk shows and they are saying less and less. Then there’s a whole bunch of people who have nothing to say. Then I think: boys, boys, you are not going to sit there anymore.”

    ‘Very strange’

    RTL 4 does not broadcast a single talk show all month: Eva, Beau, Humberto and Renze are on holiday at the same time. “I think that’s weird too. But hey, that’s the coordination of a transmitter, isn’t it? And then they start a talk show about football, then they will imitate us and they have every right to do that, but then put good people there.”

    Johan refers to VTBL with Simon Zijlemans. “Simon is the presenter there and he can make a nice video on the way and ask a football player some pointless questions, but he doesn’t have the personality to present a talk show.”

    talk show battle

    The talk show battle between VTBL and the new Today Offside with Wilfred Genee will be won with flying colors by the latter, Johan expects.

    “I happened to have announced it in advance, because I’ve worked with Simon myself. He’s a great kid and he’s very enthusiastic, but he can’t do this. But everyone in Hilversum wants to sit behind such a table and be an anchorman, but very few are able to do that. And you can say whatever you want to Genee, but he can, can’t he?”