Johan Derksen thinks Sophie Hilbrand is the Sigrid Kaag of television

Johan Derksen continues to express his disapproval of the talk show duo Khalid Kasem and Sophie Hilbrand. The VI star calls them ‘two of those bastards’ and compares her to Sigrid Kaag.


The TV duo Khalid Kasem and Sophie Hilbrand are having a hard time. The entire television world is turning against the couple, because critics believe that they make a relatively bad program, but are now driving Op1 off the air. ‘Two of those bastards’, Johan Derksen now calls them in the latest episode of his TV hit Today Inside.

‘Woke television’

Johan thinks they are really bad presenters. “I just don’t like them. That man has been here, a very nice man – I don’t like that woman, but that man is nice – but he can’t do anything about it.”

Colleague Wilfred Genee: “Yes, that is quite correct, yes.”

Table guest Wierd Duk speaks of ‘woke TV’ and Johan says: “That is a motivation for us to sign up for another five years with this program.”

Sophie Kaag

Johan then compares Sophie with D66 prominent Sigrid Kaag, who is seen as elitist. “Do you know what I think is that girl’s problem? He has the same arrogant, haughty, elitist attitude that destroyed Kaag. It has the same appearance. She looks down on the shitty world with dismay in her eyes. They are both blonde.”

Wilfred: “I don’t think she’s that bad, by the way.”

Johan: “I find her shockingly annoying.”

Wilfred enjoys

Wilfred seems to really enjoy items criticizing Khalid & Sophie, notes political reporter Sam Hagens. “But Wilfred, I have the feeling that you really enjoy talking about this every evening, is that true?”

The presenter defends himself: “Well, it’s topical, right?”

Sam: “Kill Khalid every night. I sense some pleasure in you discussing this.”

René van der Gijp: “Hahahaha.”

Wilfred: “More like surprise.”


Johan then turns to Sam. “I notice that you are applying for a job that you will be canceled here if you continue.”

Sam: “I’m taking it easy now!”

Wilfred: “Sam, I am genuinely surprised! I actually watched that in complete amazement when I heard that. I really thought: they have proven themselves? And you look at it and you think: that’s not the case.”

Johan: “The entire TV world reacts the way we react, right? I haven’t heard anyone who understands it.”

Wilfred: “That’s quite strange, isn’t it?