Johan Derksen receives a red card from Theo Maassen-ex: ‘Clownesque!’

Johan Derksen receives a red card from the whistleblower in the Theo Maassen case. According to his ex-mistress Angela, who revealed his domestic violence, he behaves ‘clownishly’.


It is striking that Johan Derksen always stands up for men who misbehave, but lashes out strongly at women who misbehave. According to him, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is a sweetheart, but Dieuwke Wynia? That’s a bitch, a witch, a horrible woman. The same applies to Suzanne Kunzeler and therefore also to this Angela.

Beyond all limits

Angela, the ex-mistress of Theo Maassen, finds it horrible that his wife Joyce would not dare to report domestic violence and therefore comes forward. There is convincing evidence of his alleged misconduct, because there is a chat conversation of 125 thousand words in which this is described in detail by Joyce.

It is scandalous that Johan Derksen, as an important opinion maker, continues to stand up for Theo, says Angela in the weekly Privately. She resents that he called her an NSB member. “Another word for that is fascist, which in turn stands for autocrat and a traitor. That really goes beyond all limits.”

Clownek Johan

Johan goes too far, Angela thinks. “His position is starting to become clownish and feels like a kick in the sore leg of victims and bystanders of domestic violence. From the mouth of a man who, as a child, witnessed violence between his parents. That is a situation I found myself in as a young girl.”

It is precisely because of that background that Angela cannot remain silent in the face of domestic violence. And according to her, Johan shouldn’t do that either. “The past few weeks have been tough, tiring and stressful for me. Opening the old wound and delving back into my own history has left more traces than I had anticipated.”