Johan Derksen denounces the derogatory way in which Jan Slagter speaks about the viewers of Today Inside. “There’s a bit of jealousy coming out, like, ‘All those boobies are looking at those bastards!’”

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    Today Inside is by far the most watched talk show in the Netherlands and of course competitors watch it with a lot of jealousy. Jan Slagter participates with his Omroep MAX in the daily talk show Op1 and usually a lot less people watch it. What does the broadcaster think?

    John derogatory

    In the program De Nieuws BV on NPO Radio 1, Jan is somewhat derogatory about Today Inside and its viewers. “People who are less educated, people who are socially disappointed, the dropped out as it is also called, they will find their way at VI,” said the broadcaster.

    Why? Jan: “Because opinions are thrown on the table unbridled and the viewer recognizes himself in one way or another. He says: ‘Yes, that is true what Johan says! Or what Wilfred says!’”

    “It’s bullshit!”

    VI table guest John van den Heuvel thinks Jan is lame. “I think that’s a bit of bullshit.”

    Johan Derksen: “There is something denigrating about this.”

    Wilfred Genee: “Pretty much.”

    Johan: “Because we have a lot of viewers, there are many people who say: ‘Yes, only idiots watch that’, but you can’t do that against the people who rely on us.”

    Not true

    Wilfred: “It’s not like that.”

    Johan: “There has never been any research into this at all. There’s a bit of jealousy coming out, like, ‘All those boobies are looking at those bastards!’”

    Wilfred: “Charles Groenhuijsen then came up with a study, but I think the difference is minimal. I also have the impression that there are enough people watching it who… But it doesn’t matter, even if they don’t!”

    John: “If 900,000 people watch it…”

    Johan: “He lets himself be known a bit, doesn’t he, that Jan?”


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