Johan Derksen goes completely against Angela de Jong: ‘So embarrassing’

Johan Derksen really starts to hit with his adoration for the De Mol family. He is completely put through the wringer on social media after an extremely embarrassing TV failure against Angela de Jong.

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Johan Derksen’s obsession with Angela de Jong’s columns is really starting to take on absurd forms. He caught up with it last night Inside today even some from his inside pocket. His mission? Evidence that the AD diva would conduct a smear campaign against Johnny de Mol, who he loves so much. The end result? An embarrassing display.

John on tilt

It is one of Johan’s hobbyhorses: the smear campaign that Angela would wage against his boss John de Mol and his family. Every time Angela cracks even one critical note about them, Johan goes into overdrive in VI in the evening. The viewer is used to it – he dismisses it carelessly as Talpa propaganda – but sometimes he is really embarrassed.

For example, Johan now thinks that Angela should apologize to Johnny, but he does not have the facts straight at all. Angela has never advocated taking him off the tube. In fact, it is Johan and his colleague René van der Gijp who, as one of the few celebrities, have thrown Johnny in front of the bus.

‘It has happened’

Just before Johan was summoned by the Talpa top, he was still ruthless about Johnny and the assault report against him: “Of course he had a drink and drug problem. Then you do things… Yes, you can regret that later, but it is easy to say: ‘That didn’t happen.’”

Table guest Angela de Jong responds as follows in this VI episode of April 7 last year: “So you don’t believe that? That it didn’t happen?”

Johan: “Well, if there is a police report with medical statements and photos of such a girl, they will be able to prove it.”

And colleague René emphatically: “Of course it happened.”

Extremely embarrassing

Johan seemed to have forgotten all that when he thought to hit Angela with her columns last night. “Oh, I do have it in my inside pocket, because I took it with me. I read through 180 of your columns. Look, it’s been a long time, but I thought: I’m not completely crazy after all. I looked them up for a while.”

The argument that Johan then comes up with is so embarrassing that it is just painful: he points out that Angela has written several times that Johnny has been reported for attempted manslaughter. eh? That’s just news. “That was leaked by Kaes’ supporters, you know. He wanted that in the publicity and you bought it all.”

Angela amazed

Angela can hardly believe what Johan blames her for here. “I’m not making that up, am I? Wasn’t that done to him? (…) It has just been confirmed that attempted manslaughter has been reported?”

Johan: “Yes, that party just publicized that and you took over.”

Angela: “But that’s not allowed? I’m not accusing him of being guilty here, am I?”

Then she rightly accuses Johan of hypocrisy by recalling his statements in the aforementioned VI episode of April 7. Despite this, Johan keeps insisting that Angela has written down that a report has been made against Johnny.

Even Wilfred Genee cannot believe his ears: “No, but the fact is that the declaration was just there, Johan. It doesn’t matter what source it comes from, but it’s a declaration.”

Angela: “It is simply a fact that this has been reported. This is a fact!”

‘What now dear?!’

Johan: “Look, I knew what it really was.”

Angela: “Well, not in the April 7 episode where you go all out on Johnny. I would say again: check him one more time.”

Johan: “I think attempted manslaughter is a very serious matter and you don’t just write that down.”

Angela: “Apparently you are not allowed to write about someone who is very dear to you…”

Johan: “Yes, there comes the story ‘dear’ again. What dear? What do I give a shit about the whole De Mol family? How dear? But if you are conducting a smear campaign, may I say something about it?”

Angela: “Yes, but Johan: come up with facts, come up with things that are correct. I have nowhere, nowhere – and I defy anyone to look it up, look it over and all the fragments… I never said, ‘Johnny is guilty.’ (…) Yes, you really want to be right, but you don’t have that, sorry.”

“So cheap!”

Johan is completely lost. Angela: “You really have to look for something better, Johan. I really think this is so cheap.”

Wilfred: “You’re also getting stuck in it a bit now, Johan. Maybe you should leave it alone for a while.”

When Johan’s false arguments and angry cries are over, he wittily shouts that Angela in particular cannot stand criticism: “I think it’s really ridiculous, but she apparently never gets any criticism.”

After the commercial break, Wilfred shows the fragment in question in which Johan and René practically declare Johnny guilty. Johan is speechless for a moment. Dan: “So we didn’t have the information at the time about what it really was.”

René: “I also think that things like that are incredibly difficult. Immediately with that Ali B, watch out, that won’t work either.”

Fierce criticism

Johan receives a lot of criticism on social media. Thijs tweets: “I honestly wonder how much the De Mol family pays Johan Derksen to constantly stand up for them. And how much bonus the editors get for inviting Angela de Jong so that she can be attacked for articles that se writes about the family.”

Rocky say: “Johan Derksen is put on his number for a moment… I am not a fan of Angela, but she is right. Derksen crawls into the den of De Mol.”

Media maker Rens Muller finds: “Clash Angela de Jong and Johan Derksen is embarrassing.”

Mies reports: “Johan Derksen put in place by Angela. What a panting old nag that man is, bah bah.”

And Miss S decision: “Angela de Jong razes Johan Derksen to the ground in Today Inside. I almost feel sorry for Derksen.”

Last year, Johan also collapsed completely through the ice when Angela sat next to him at his VI table.