Johan Derksen criticizes victims Matthijs, Mart, Theo: ‘Bad guys’

Johan Derksen does not care about the criticism that he is becoming a caricature of himself. He bashes the victims of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Mart Smeets and Theo Maassen.


It is incomprehensible why Wilfred Genee still addresses current issues surrounding inappropriate behavior in his talk show Today Inside. Johan Derksen’s standard song that inevitably follows is now so predictable that his opinion on this subject no longer has any value.

‘Getting crazier!’

Johan seems to have decided at a certain point to consistently stand up for all TV colleagues who misbehave and he no longer deviates from that. He now lumps the issues surrounding Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Mart Smeets and Theo Maassen all together and portrays their victims as a kind of bitch.

If the latest accusations against Matthijs are true – for example, he allegedly grabbed someone by the throat – then that is a very serious situation. But Johan? He thinks it’s not too bad. “It’s getting crazier! What has that man done besides the fact that he has a short fuse?”

‘Seems like a madhouse’

We shouldn’t take all those stories about Matthijs seriously, Johan believes. “That boy is stuck against the wallpaper. A career has been completely destroyed by some outsiders who shout something. Anonymously! Surely the reactions to the entire incident are no longer proportionate? Come on. It looks like a madhouse.”

Johan tells those former DWDD employees to keep their mouths shut. “He’s a very arrogant bastard. He always paraded around there as if he were Our Lord, but for fifteen years he kept all those complaining people working as editors and earning a good living. I think it’s a storm in a teacup.”

In the breach for Mart

And what about Mart Smeets, who continues to implausibly deny that he disgustingly embarrassed Aïcha Marhadi in front of the entire NOS editorial staff? “What should we do with this?” he is said to have said when the presenter wanted to introduce herself to him. Very haughty; exactly what you expect from Mart.

Johan thinks that Mart did indeed say this and supports him: “Mart saw a lady come in there and she was not inhibited by any knowledge of the matter and she said in his well-known tone: ‘What should we do with this? ‘ Then I think: he is right, because that teacher turned out not to function at all.”

To embarrass

According to Johan, if someone is not competent, it is best to embarrass them. “Mart is portrayed as a very bad person. He is now also pasted against the wallpaper, on the basis that he very rightly says: ‘What should we do with this?’ He is absolutely right, because that person has never functioned.”

Theo Maassen who appears to have hit his wife? No problem either, says Johan. “Theo Maassen was simply sacrificed by bad guys who wanted to screw his ear. There may also be some appreciation for their qualities. I will continue to defend the victims and I hope that Jan from MAX will continue to support me.”


In other words: according to Johan, Matthijs, Mart and Theo are the big victims here. Wilfred Genee corrects him: “To be clear: in principle, they are the perpetrators. That’s kind of the difference.”

Johan: “Yes, but I am gradually finding them victims.”