Jochem Myjer also pushed in front of a juice bus: ‘Shameless behaviour’

Jochem Myjer is one of the most likeable comedians in the country, but according to Yvonne Coldeweijer he is also a big eater. “His behavior is really shocking,” says the juice queen.

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It’s always an extra shock for more popular celebrities, but when Yvonne Coldeweijer does juice comes about someone, then in most cases it is simply true. And according to the juice queen, comedian Jochem Myjer is also a very questionable type when it comes to integrity and marital fidelity. Because that new girlfriend of his? “It’s not that new…”

Cheating Jochem

On Valentine’s Day, more than a year after he announced his divorce, Jochem posted a photo on Instagram of his museum visit. What do we see in that photo? The painting of the Girl with a Pearl Earring and Jochem’s new girlfriend. “Two loves in 1 photo! Happy Valentine. A new spring, a new beginning,” it said.

Jochem’s new girlfriend has been photographed from behind, but Yvonne has found out through spies who exactly this chick is: a certain Linda van G. She leaves her juicechannel see that the two are also in a photo from 2013. “This girl seems to be one groupie to be, with whom Jochem cheated for years.”

Inside Deurne

So that Jochem is just a diagonal marcher, according to Yvonne. “They know each other from the theater where she worked, but a neighborhood spy has often seen him go to her house in Deurne late at night. And yes, he was still married then. Small village, they see everything there.”

It is yet another celebrity who, according to Yvonne, cannot be trusted. “Such a shame again, this. Glad she succeeded. Think you can have it now, girl. 👍”

Lubrication pipe

Yvonne then lets a spy speak who states that Jochem is a very bad man: “I used to clean hotel rooms where he slept after shows, and I always found used condoms. 🤢 He just brought groupies. It is a grease pipe.”

Unbelievable, the juice queen responds. “Noohhhh. 😫 Howling this.”