Jo Squillo victim of theft: clothes and jewelery stolen

The theft at night, in Rome, while he was having dinner in a restaurant after work

Bad episode for Jo Squillo. In a recent post published on Instagram, the showgirl revealed that she had been victim of a theft while he was in a restaurant in Rome, not far from the Fabrizio Frizzi television studios. Through a video and a photo shared on her profile, the singer-songwriter and presenter recounted the dynamics of the accident and showed the consequences of her riding in her black van. Broken glassdamaged doors and above all many missing valuables.

many valuable items

The theft occurred around 8pm in Via Ojetti, in the Talenti neighbourhood. In the post, Jo Squillo expressed her dismay at the loss of numerous precious items very significant to her. “Three suitcases with my story: songs, feelings, projects, memorable clothes, computers, documents… With the hope that all this can help someone live better” she wrote on her account.

Jo Squillo’s words

“Last night in Rome, they took everything away from me, it was more or less 8.30pm” she explains in a very dark video, in which she can barely be made out. “They broke the glass of my car and took me stole all the suitcases. I was leaving, I stopped to eat near the Rai, at the Dear studios. Maybe they were keeping an eye on us. A little bit of lightheartedness on my part or hope that others will not do certain things. It’s a difficult time. Not to mention the precious jewels who took me away and who had been part of my life for 30 years. Luckily we are fine, we move forward” he commented. The showgirl was in the capital after being the correspondent at Sanremo de The right time, Caterina Balivo’s program. His task is to follow the festival and report the news in real time with his fresh and fun style.

the solidarity of friends and fans

Many comments appeared under the Instagram post support and closeness by Jo Squillo fans. “You are a lady even when they don’t deserve it at all,” she writes Angela Noble. And “I’m sorry” many others simply write too.