The big public vote has spoken: JJ’s BBQ in Salo is the best burger restaurant in Finland.

    The JJ’s BBQ restaurant run by Jari-Jukka Kallung won the open public vote of the Burger Lovers Finland community, which voted the best burger restaurant in Finland. 31,800 votes were cast.

    JJ’s BBQ is located in Salo, and the restaurant specializes in slow smoking. The meats are smoked in the restaurant with a smoker built by the restaurateur himself. Originally from Lapland, Kallunki became enthusiastic about American barbecue culture after seeing a TV show on the subject, and was inspired by it to build his own smoker. Soon he was making smokers for others as well.

    Four years ago, Kallunki went to Texas to learn the secrets of smoking. told about Jari-Jukka Kallung’s tour of Texas in 2018. On his trip, Kallunki toured Texas’ famous bbq restaurants and visited a barbecue course and meat farm, among other things.

    At that time, Kallunki told that he wanted a similar smoking culture in Finland as in Texas, where local restaurateurs openly share tips with each other.

    The JJ’s BBQ restaurant, run by Jari-Jukka Kallung, won the Burger Lovers Finland community’s open public vote. Burger Lovers

    Customers, even from long distances

    Kallunki initially toured festivals and events where the word about the new master of smoking spread effectively.

    – Three years ago, my wife Mari and I took a bold step and opened our own barbeque restaurant in the Salo industrial area. The reputation we gained from the festivals helped us get started and customers soon found us. We are already planning an expansion where this wonderful award is sure to help us. A huge thank you to the Burger Lovers community, to all of our customers and social media followers, and especially to our awesome staff, without whom we would not have received this award, Kallunki says in a press release.

    JJ’s BBQ restaurant will be a long way away today. The restaurant is especially famous for its meat selection and Black Angus Brisket burger.

    The JJ’s BBQ restaurant, run by Jari-Jukka Kallung, won the Burger Lovers Finland community’s open public vote. Burger Lovers


    • The results of the vote were announced at the Burger Lovers festival, which will be held at the Helsinki Railway Square until 18 June.
    • The Burger Lovers festival will be held at Helsinki Railway Square on 15-18. June 2022 daily from lunch to late dinner. Restaurants participating in the festival serve dishes from their outlets and the entire festival area serves as a drinking area. Free admission to the festival area during the day, evening table and concert tickets 29 and 39 euros.
    • JJ’s BBQ is located in Salo, Myllyojankatu 2 A, and the restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday from lunch to dinner.

    Top ten votes and percentage of votes

    1. JJ’s BBQ, Salo (7.6%)

    2. Naughty BRGR, Multiple Locations (5.2%)

    3. Kauppuri 5, Oulu (3.3%)

    4. Social Burgerjoint, several localities (3.1%)

    5. Friends & Brgrs, Multiple Locations (3.1%)

    6. Boneless, Helsinki (3.0%)

    7. The Van, Kotka (2.9%)

    8. Bites Burger, Helsinki (1.9%)

    9. Gastrobar B / P, Kuopio (1.8%)

    10. Box Cafe & Grill, Sipoo (1.7%)