The stalks of onions thrown in the bin made Natalia Salmela upset.

    Blogger and Partner of the Fall Calendar Natalia Salmela ran into a special sight at K-Citymarket Easton last Friday and wrote about what happened on his Instagram account. On the floor of the fruit and vegetable department rested a box in which stalks of summer onion bunches had been thrown.

    – First of all, I wondered if it was possible that the staff had plucked the bad ones, but that was not the case. The box was full of stalks in good condition, Salmela says.

    The blogger soon started receiving messages from his followers that quickly revealed that people were actually throwing away the stems of summer onions.

    – There were several messages from my followers working in the Hevi departments confirming the very identifiable phenomenon in question.

    – In the case of carrots and turnips, which are not used, I would still like to understand the phenomenon, but in onions it is completely absurd. Next to summer onions, you can find many times cheaper old yellow onions if you want to eat only the white parts of the onion, Salmela wonders.

    Salmela also received messages from her followers that market sellers may have asked in the sales situation if the stems are being cut from the bulbs.

    The reason is usually ignorance

    In the messages Natalia Salmela received, throwing away the stems was justified, for example, by the fact that the child did not like the green parts and by the fact that the juice contained in the stems was “disgusting”. However, most said it was pure ignorance.

    – Most of the answers repeated that people have not had information that stems can be eaten.

    Salmela herself says that she considers the stalks to be the best part of summer onions. He hints at chopping the green stalks directly on a plate on top of the portion, grilling the whole onions with the stalks, or chopping it over a plain tomato-cucumber salad.

    – The stems are also great for soups, fish, meat and sausage. Or a good old macaroni box or ham temptation, really for anything where an onion is used anyway. The green stems have a milder and more sophisticated taste.

    The deal took up the challenge

    Merchant of K-Citymarket Easton Mika Timonen confirms Salmela’s observation.

    – Yes, the phenomenon is also visible to us; some of K-Citymarket Easton’s customers cut off the stems of the onion bundle and leave them for sale. This is what about 10 percent of onion ticket buyers do. The domestic onion bundle will arrive in stores at the turn of May-June, when the onion harvest season begins, Timonen tells

    Natalia Salmela says that she has expressed a wish to the store that a sign be brought next to the onions, instructing them to use the stems. Timonen says that the deal has already taken over the proposal.

    – We accepted the challenge and have brought two recipes next to the onions to make use of the onion stalks. The customer can grab according to the recipe and test how sweet the green stalk of the bunch really tastes. The stalks of the onion are tasty and colorful and have a soft, sweet taste. They can be used to season soups, sauces, salads, new potatoes and work on the grill as is.

    No such phenomenon has been observed in HOK-Elanto’s Prisms.

    – We have no observations that summer stalks are thrown away. And there is no box reserved for them next to them. The only things our customers sometimes tear off are carrot notes and extra leaves of cauliflower, the communication says.

    Natalia’s favorite bread is topped with soft goat cheese, tomato, finger salt, balsamic and finely chopped summer onion. Natalia Salmela