Jessie Diggins writhed in pain – Krista Pärmäkoski was charred

The Finn was not satisfied with the cameramen’s actions – nor with his skis.

Persisted to finish stage 6/7 of the Tour with pain Jessie Diggins kellahti at the finish line of the 15-kilometer traditional race and rolled around in pain.

A group of photographers was sent to the place. Saw the situation from the side Krista Pärmäkoski charred by the action of the photographers.

– Some respect, Pärmäkoski comments on his thoughts about what happened.

– If the other person is in pain, it would be polite to maintain some peace and privacy, the Finn added.

Ski accident

Jessie Diggins crashed the project at the finish on Saturday in Italy. Jussi Saarinen

The Ikaalite athlete was disappointed with the cameramen and his skis on Saturday in Italy. He chose traction sole skis without grip lubrication. They were not victorious. The ski did not hold properly on the slopes, and especially did not slide down.

– I tested the traction sole and the lubricated one to the end. In some places the traction sole was better and in another place it was lubricated, Pärmäkoski said.

– The ski still held up well when it didn’t rain. I got full grip when I got off the rut, but the grip was worse on the slipped rut. It wasn’t the best slide, he summed up.

If you could ski the race again now, would you use skis with skis?

– I can not say.

Pärmäkoski applied for a place in the 15 km traditional race, but ended up in 13th place.

– The long races have been really heavy and long. For example, I have never skied here in such slow conditions.

The Finn bowed to the winner Linn for Svahn 13.7 seconds. The Swede’s final time was 53.49.7.

Krista Pärmäkoski was disappointed with her skis and the photographers. Jussi Saarinen


Women’s 15 km (p) joint start, results:

1. Linn Svahn (SWE), 53.49.7

2. Frida Karlsson (SWE), +0.4

3. Katharina Hennig (GER), +1.6

4. Jonna Sundling (SWE), +2.4

5. Teresa Stadlober (AUT), +3.0

6. Delphine Claudel (FRA), +3.8

7. Victoria Carl (GER), +5.2

8. Jessie Diggins (USA), +5.7

9. Heidi Weng (NOR), +7.9

10. Kerttu Niskanen, +8.4


13. Krista Pärmäkoski, +13.7

20. Anne Kyllönen, +1.22,8

29. Vilma Ryytty, +3.44,0