Jeroen Rietbergen spotted at HEMA: ‘He bought an ironing board’

Jeroen Rietbergen, Linda de Mol’s ex, was spotted by several spies of Yvonne Coldeweijer at the HEMA in Bussum. One of them even knows what he bought there: an ironing board.


Where the other controversial Voice men deny at high and low that they misbehaved in the talent show, Jeroen Rietbergen has admitted his misbehavior. It resulted in a breakup with Linda de Mol. She kicked him out of the house, after which he left for America to kick the habit. He has been back in the country for over a month now.

Jeroen spotted

Jeroen has recently been spotted by several spies of Yvonne Coldeweijer at the HEMA in Bussum. It is ten minutes by bike from Linda de Mol’s castle in Crailo. “Hiii, Jeroen Rietbergen just spotted in the heart of Bussum on his racing bike. Went into HEMA for a while, looked around a bit and cycled away again,” says one of the spies.

The spy suspects that Linda has opened her castle doors for Jeroen again. “Is about 10 minutes from Lin’s house in Crailo/Huizen, so think he lives there again?”

Ironing board

Another spy has also spotted Jeroen at HEMA, but does not think he is living with Linda again. “He got an ironing board from HEMA in Bussum last weekend, so he must have his own house somewhere.”

What is Yvonne’s conclusion? Dirty Jeroentje now has to iron again ?. He probably lives on his own, but close to Lin.”

‘Can that man leave for a while?’

It will take some getting used to for Jeroen to have to iron his shirts himself. Previously, this was always done by Linda’s staff, although she started ironing herself during the coronalockdown.

In mid-2020, during the ‘intelligent lockdown’, Linda wrote in her magazine: “I iron Jeroen’s shirts (I admit that I haven’t done that myself for a long time) and when I do the collar I realize how much I love it. I love it and how well we get through this confinement phase together. Never thought for a day: can that man just leave?”