Just before the publication of the infamous Volkskrant article about Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Jeroen Pauw sent a text message to his TV colleague. “He didn’t answer that.”

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    Jeroen Pauw finds it very sad that Matthijs van Nieuwkerk has been hit so hard despite his status as an A-star. The TV celebrity was a guest in the program last night The 10 Questions by TV talent Rob Kemps. Just before the turn of the year, a preview was already shown in which Jeroen was outraged about Matthijs’s horror assistant.

    SMS message

    What was shown for the first time yesterday in the program on SBS 6 is Jeroen’s revelation that he sent a text message to Matthijs just before the publication of the much-discussed Volkskrant article about the culture of fear at De Wereld Draait Door.

    Rob asks him: “Have you contacted your neighbor after that article?”

    Jeroen: “No, but before that article.”


    Rob: “Because it was up in the air?”

    Jeroen: “Because it was in the air and because I heard it would be published that weekend. Then I wished him some perspective and air for the coming time, because I thought: it’s just annoying, for anyone, but it’s also very annoying when that head is on that chopping block like that.

    Chopping block

    Jeroen sympathizes with Matthijs. “Maybe there are all sorts… There are certainly all sorts of reasons why it’s on it, but that doesn’t mean it’s still annoying that it’s on it. So I did, but for the rest, uhhh…”

    What did Matthijs send back? “He has not responded to that, which is not necessary, but that is the answer to your question.”