Jennifer Lopez talks about the domestic violence she experienced in the novelty documentary.

    Jennifer Lopez photographed on June 9th. AOP

    Documentary Halftime was released on Netflix on June 8th. The protagonist of the documentary is singer Jennifer Lopez, who tells the twists and turns of her own life in the documentary.

    In one scene, Jennifer and her mother Guadalupe Rodríguez that is, Lupen discuss Jennifer’s childhood. Jennifer is close with her mother today, but they have a rocky past.

    Jennifer says she didn’t get along with her mother as a child. The singing star calls her mother a very awkward person, which is why they used to fight a lot. Sometimes the mother also physically disciplined her children by hitting them.

    – He had to do certain things to survive, but it also made him hard, Jennifer says.

    – He beat us, Jennifer adds.

    Lupen admits in the documentary that she was not a perfect mother.

    – I was far from a perfect mother. However, there is one thing I can always say. I always did my best for them, Lupen commented.

    Lupen wanted to raise Jennifer and her two sisters as independent women who did not have to rely on men.

    – I wanted to show them that they can always do better. Jennifer didn’t want to listen to me and we fought a lot, Lupen says.

    Jennifer moved in at the age of 18 after arguing with her mother again. The controversy was about training. Lupen required her children to go to school in exchange for living at home, but Jennifer wanted to pursue a career as an actress. Jennifer did not bow to her mother’s will and moved out completely overnight.

    Source: Mirror

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