Jenni Haukio walked confidently to the launch event – President Niinistö encouraged in the front row

Jenni Haukio publishes her new memoir.

(adapted )

Dr. Jenni Haukio stepped in front of the public with her new work at the Helsinki Academic Bookstore on Monday evening.

It was an event open to the public, where Haukio discussed the new Here for you – from his memoir. In her book, she opens up about what the years as the spouse of the president of the republic have felt like. At the same time, Haukio talks openly about how working in public has affected him.

Dr. Jenni Haukio will arrive at the public event on Monday evening. ATTE KAJOVA

Haukio’s husband, the president of the republic, had arrived to watch the occasion Sauli Niinistö. The president sat in the first row.

Sauli Niinistö arrived a little before the start of the event. Atte Kajova

– I have really gained a deep insight into the Finnish soul landscape while reading the letters and publications sent to me by Finns. This has been a privileged opportunity. I have learned more about being Finnish during these years, Haukio stated at the event.

At the launch event, the Linna’s celebrations, which Haukio has been organizing, were also remembered. At the event, the doctor was asked what kind of memories he had from the party in particular.

– Already in 2013, the Presidential Palace was under renovation and for the first time in history, the Independence Day reception of the President of the Republic was organized outside of Helsinki, i.e. in Tampere. That event was so very exceptional, Haukio said.

– Then we got to experience Finland 100 as the presidential couple. I consider it one of the greatest experiences of my life period. And that 2107 Castle celebration, where veterans and veterans were the guests of honor, stands out in my mind as the most unique celebration reception.

President Sauli Niinistö was there to watch the event. Mari Pudas