Tijl Beckand is shocked by Angela de Jong: ‘I immediately called Gordon!’

Tijl Beckand is quite shocked by the spicy column that Angela de Jong has written about him. “That is incitement to violence,” he jokes. “I immediately contacted Gordon.”


Angela de Jong took a look last week to see if she could watch the new TV program De Moeite Waard?! worthwhile, but she is not really pleased with the presenter. “The main stumbling block is the presenter. Here it is not the chronically cheerful Martijn Krabbé who assists couples, but Tijl Beckand,” she wrote in the AD.

Revolving around Tyle

In fact, Tijl only has one goal in all his programs, Angela believes. “Let everything revolve around him as much as possible. If he has to make another tiresome remark or silly joke for that, he will do so without scruples.”

There is also absolutely no chemistry with colleague Bob Sikkes, she thinks. “The only reason why I would watch again next week is that I hope Bob gets so annoyed that he pushes Tijl with his smug cheeks into a brand new toilet bowl.”

Calls for violence

What does Ty think about this? In contrast to the angry Britt Dekker, he just makes a joke about such a column. “That is a call to violence, because this is about renovations and I don’t know if you have ever sat with your head in a chemical toilet, but that is really something else than crystal clear water!”, he jokes in Dear viewers.

It is what it is, says Tijl. “When you hear a review like that, you read it and you think: what should I do? So I’ll contact Gordon, because that’s…”

Presenter Ruben Nicolai: “That is your advisor in this area? haha.”

Gordon on Grindr

Why Gordon? “That’s the best person to turn to, you know, if you want to know how to react calmly. haha. But I no longer had his number.”

And then? “He changes numbers a lot, so I looked him up on Instagram, but he was no longer on it. Through Grindr I am still ehhh… Hahaha.”