Jemma preserves won Iltalehti’s taste test

The top six of the Finnish recipe for success got to taste at Iltalehti’s food supply.

Iltalehti’s food editor Tuuli Lindgren fell in love with the taste and idea of ​​Jemma preserves. Wind Lindgren

The fresh top six of the Suomalainen Menestysresepti competition arrived on the shelves of S group grocery stores last week. put the successful recipes to a strict taste test and found a favorite. One product stood out, although the standard was generally high.

Jemma preserves, Vähäsarja Oy

Now there is taste, is my first thought when I taste Jemma’s vegetable preserve, or Vege Gochujang. Inside the jar are small pea balls in a hot sauce. The small size of the wheels feels funny in the mouth, but the good taste quickly makes you forget about secondaries.

Next, you can taste Pulled pork, which delights not only with its taste, but also with its structure. The meat is mouth-watering and the flavors are balanced. This is clearly a product for the whole family, which I would put, for example, between a hamburger.

Third, I taste the Butter Chicken and it turns out that the best one happened to be last. Butter chicken has a bold kick, and a suitably fiery aftertaste leaves the mouth spinning in a good way.

You can get tasty and modern camping or cabin food from these, and canned food is not a bad option even in a busy everyday life. Great product!

Happy Soup soups

Lentil soup in a “pea can”. The idea is nice, because pea soup is undoubtedly a convenient meal on a busy day. The texture of the lentil soup is pleasant and the taste is good. The taste world is gentle, this is suitable for an excursion lunch for the whole family.

The broad bean soup is not pureed, but the raw ingredients stand out from the soup. However, the taste does not rise to the level of lentil soup, but remains more muted.

Fish paw

Car in the yard of the cottage, grill on the fire and fish legs on the grill. The idea gets you excited. The fish paws use roach and bream, among other things, and the rainbow trout brings juiciness to the product.

Both flavor variations, lime-lemon and curry-orange, taste good, they would make an excellent burger. However, the products do not differ from other fish steaks in stores. The package size of 220 grams should also be bigger.

Smokehouse ready meals

Smokehouse portions have a good aroma right from the heating stage. The cheese macaroon of the Chopped pork & mac n’ Cheese meal is delicious and the meat is good, although there is quite a bit of it in the portion. The food is tasty, but the portion size is moderate at 280 grams, which leaves the total amount of energy in the portion only around 420 kilocalories.

The combination of the vegetarian option halloumi and roots works nicely.


Sushike maki have a softer texture than regular ones made from rice, which makes eating them a bit difficult. However, with a little tinkering, the maki will stay on the sticks when dipped in soy and end up intact all the way to the mouth. The flavors of the sushi are crisp and fresh, and the portion lives up to the promise of lightness and healthiness.

I also taste the smoked salmon oat bowl, which, however, remains unsurprising.

Tahini smoothies

Generally speaking, smoothies are good for everyone. No doubt Baba Foods tahini smoothies do too. Tahini adds richness to the composition, but doesn’t taste much in a smoothie. Drinks are convenient snacks, although even with these I’m not sure how much they stand out from the other products on the smoothie shelf. You rarely go wrong with good fruit and berry combinations.