Javier L. shoots tormentor dead at gas station: 22 years in prison demanded

“Today, today, today! Today is your day.” Tilburger Javier L. (42) could only think of one thing when this was said to him: I’m dying today. He said he had been threatened for two years by the brothers Ludson and Lutgardo S. and saw no other way out. He got a gun and shot it at one of his tormentors on December 21, 2022. Justice demanded a prison sentence of 22 years for this on Friday, but Javier stated that he had no choice. “It was her or me.”

The images of the shooting were shown in court on Friday. It was shocking to see how the three rivals encountered each other at a gas station on the Ringbaan Oost in Tilburg and one of them was killed with seven shots. At least three other people are refueling around this violent confrontation. There are also people in the shop of the busy gas station.

Rapper Boechi
Javier L. was standing at the gas station with friends talking about the service for the shot dead Tilburg rapper Boechi, who had been commemorated that afternoon in the Willem II stadium. There had been an argument between the brothers and Javier and he had been told that today was the day. Javier’s son had intervened and had seen a firearm in Ludson’s bag.

Around six o’clock that evening, Lutgardo, Ludson and another person arrived at the gas station by car and parked at a pump. Lutgardo got out and walked to the shop. Ludson also got out, but remained standing next to the car. The footage showed Lutgardo suddenly half-turning and looking at Javier and his friends.

‘What are you going to do?’
According to Javier, Lutgardo then said: “Who’s going to stop us? Faggot, what are you going to do?” The moment his left hand reached into his jacket pocket, Javier suspected he was about to be shot. He then drew his own gun that he had received from a friend that afternoon.

Lutgardo turned and started running. Ludson, who was still standing by the car, also ran away, but chose to walk around the car and gas pumps on the left. While running, Javier shot at his rival. First he hit him in the calf, then three times in the upper body and arm. Ludson fell to the ground and lay motionless on his stomach. Javier leaned over him and shot him three more times in the neck and back of the head. The last two shots proved fatal.

Shocking settlement
Shooter Javier L. also agreed that it seems like a shocking settlement, just like in a movie. “But, I had no choice. It was her or me.” Javier waved away suggestions from the judges to look for other options, such as running away himself. The rivals unexpectedly faced each other and now there was no one to jump in between, like that afternoon at the Willem II stadium.

Lutgardo previously stated that Javier also shot at him, but according to Javier that is not correct. He was especially afraid of Ludson because he would have a gun. “If he had run straight like his brother, this wouldn’t have happened,” Javier said. “But he ran around the pump and I was afraid he was going to shoot me from behind.”

Years of arguing
Ludson’s murder is said to have stemmed from a years-long feud between the brothers and Javier. Ludson allegedly caused damage to Javier’s car in a collision and the settlement caused a lot of misery. The brothers, whom he often encountered in Tilburg, always showed that they were going to get him, Javier said.

The feud came to a head after the murder of rapper Boechi. First during a silent journey for Boechi. Then it came to a confrontation on the Verdiplein in Tilburg-Noord. A second confrontation soon followed at the memorial service. Emotions ran so high there that bystanders had to keep the fighting cocks apart. Javier received a gun there from an unknown friend for his safety. A few hours later he actually used that gun at the gas station.

Cold execution
The public prosecutor assumes a cold, calculated execution at a busy gas station and car wash. She said Javier had plenty of choices, but he chose to immediately confront her with a gun. The officer argued that the men were waiting for the brothers and that someone was a lookout on the escape route.

A mutual friend who was in Ludson’s car acted remarkably calm after the killing, as if he was not surprised by the attack, the officer believed. And she also found it strange that Javier still ran after Lutgardo, while he kept saying he was so afraid of him.

Deep tracks
Neither brother had a gun when Javier pulled his gun at the gas pump. The murder has left deep scars on the family and other relatives. The victim’s mother became unwell after showing the images during the hearing and had to leave the room. In total, surviving relatives demanded more than 3.5 tons in compensation.

No intention
Javier’s lawyer didn’t see a calculated killer. He saw a scared man who had been threatened for years by two serious criminals and who were known to walk around with firearms.

Lutgardo already shot someone during a robbery in 2011 and is now in custody for arranging two filmers of the attack on Peter R. de Vries. He was recently sentenced to 14 years in prison.

According to the lawyer, Javier did kill Ludson, but this was never planned. Javier himself feared being shot by the brothers. And according to the lawyer, it is more likely that the two brothers were looking for Javier and, thanks to a tip, ended up at the gas pump, where Javier and his friends always hung out. And so the confrontation arose, in which Javier had to choose: her or me.

The court will rule in this case on March 22.

Images of the riot after the memorial service. Javier (white jersey) and Lutgardo (black jacket) are arguing here: