Jasmiina Yildiz’s behavior strains the nerves of Survivors

The atmosphere tightens in the next episode of the program “Survivors Suomi”.

Jasmiina Yildiz stirs up anger in Survivors. FOUR

Hunger and heat start to weigh on the contestants in Survivors. In the Timur tribe, the atmosphere also tightens Jasmine Yildzin appeal.

Karoliina Tuominen serves rice to everyone while Jasmiina watches from the side. Scarce nutrition has made the woman weak.

– A couple of grains is enough for me. I don’t know if I can get it (rice) down. I don’t know if I can eat, so it won’t go to waste, Jasmiina says out loud.

– This rice is so bad, the woman continues and tries to swallow her portion in pain.

Jasmiina’s behavior annoys singer Leo Stillman beyond measure. For him, the woman’s negativity dampens the team’s atmosphere.

– Time is running out when everyone complains all the time here in the camp. It takes so much energy, the man inches to the cameras.

Leo Stillman couldn’t bear to listen to Jasmiina’s complaint. FOUR

Later, Karoliina and Leo go fishing alone and talk about Jasmiina at the same time. However, both are of the opinion that Jasmiina would be a more reliable ally than Essi Unkuri, who might betray them.

– I just can’t take it anymore Jassuu, Leo downloads.

– I completely understand that, Karoliina comforts.

– It’s going overboard with its complaint. It’s one of the best experiences to be able to come here and have such amazing guys. Then one sabotages the mood and poisons the atmosphere by dissing everything and being really rude. It’s just really moldy, Leo says to the cameras later.

Jasmiina is best remembered for the Big Brother show, which she won last year. Jaakko Kahilaniemi

There are only 12 contestants competing for the victory of the survivors. They have dropped out of the competition before Delay Vaattavaara, Markus Pöyhönen, Heidi Finland and Joalin Loukamaa.

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