Jasmi Joensuu showed up for the sixth graders’ physical education class

Jasmi Joensuu guided the 6B class students of Ounasrinte school in Rovaniemi.

– I wouldn’t be able to create such a people’s movement. My students have never been so enthusiastic, says the 6B class teacher at Ounasrinte school in Rovaniemi Eino Vuollet.

Finnish skiing star Jasmi Joensuu had heard that Vuollet’s class plans to ski a respectable 1,000 kilometers in one day in March. That’s why he wanted to encourage schoolchildren a couple of weeks before the h-moment.

– I’m quite surprised when a national team skier actually comes to coach us, the schoolboy rejoices Karla Vaara.

On Thursday, the sixth graders skied three kilometers from their school to the training field, where Joensuu was waiting for them in the midst of a winter storm.

– There were a couple of falls, Vaara reports.

The trip was grueling, as it was difficult to find a clean spot on the road.

– This has been the biggest challenge of the skiing project. The trail is black with pine cones, branches and debris. When we get through this, we get through anything. And we’ll make it – even now, almost everyone is smiling, comments Vuollet.

Peace of mind in Lapland

National team skier Jasmi Joensuu taught 6B class students of Ounasrinte School in Rovaniemi on Thursday. Jussi Saarinen

Keep going! It’s going great! You’re all really good, Joensuu gently encourages.

– I have learned from my own coach that a terrible authority does not lead anywhere. It is up to the athlete himself if he wants to improve, the skier describes.

Many of Joensuu’s racing sisters wouldn’t have gone out for a spin with the nappers a couple of weeks before the start of the World Championships.

– The future of skiing is secured. They are very good at it.

The Vantaa Ski Club athlete, who studied in Denver in the United States and previously lived around Finland, took root in the Arctic Circle in 2020.

– High-quality conditions are the most important thing. Well, training is the most important thing, but good conditions help to be able to do high-quality training, says Joensuu.

Rovaniemi has tens of kilometers of natural snow pistes and about five kilometers of cannon snow pistes. The services of Lapland’s sports institute, such as the recently modernized testing station, give skiers valuable support.

– There is peace in Lapland and life is quite relaxed. The mind remains relaxed. That’s why even now I’m here, and not at a separate preparation camp for the World Cup.

Who is she?

Oskari Kouvala (left), Karla Vaara, Jasmi Joensuu and Iina Impiö sweated at the Ounasvaara ski training ground. Jussi Saarinen

Let’s go back to the skiing lesson in Joensuu.

– Let’s go big and then come back small, Iina Impiö tells a technique tip he received from a national team skier.

Joensuu is not a star for all schoolchildren.

– I don’t know who he is, Oskari Kouvala states.

He says that he hasn’t been out for a spin all winter, but he plans to ride the thousand-kilometer challenge day on March 4th.

– That woman was really good, Kouvala analyzed Joensuu’s skiing lesson.

– However, I didn’t remember any specific advice, he adds.

“It’s coming, it’s coming”

Elementary school teacher Eino Vuollet is a national-level skier. Jasmi Joensuu (left) is preparing for the World Championships in Planica. Jussi Saarinen

There are 24 students and a teacher in the class. That means that everyone should ski an average of 40 kilometers.

To make things a little easier, schoolchildren’s family members or grandparents are allowed to join the work.

– It’s a bit exciting, will it be full? What will happen if it doesn’t work, Impiö ponders.

Schoolchildren have a carrot if the ton is full. It’s a free day, including bowling and swimming, at Lapland’s sports institute.

– Will come, will come, You want to assure.

– A tough challenge, but it is possible to implement and claim a great prize, Joensuu encourages.

Mono for eating, Ounasrintine 6B!

The schoolchildren received an autograph card from the skier. Jussi Saarinen