Jasikevicius: “We have been very inconsistent, especially in defence”

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The Barça coach lamented the problems in the rebound and the points against Unicaja in the 79-88 KO

“Of course I’m worried, it would be crazy not to be, but you have to take it a little easy,” he added.

In a speech that is repeated a lot when the matches end in defeat, the Barça coach Sarunas Jasikevicius has blamed the defeat this Friday in the second game of the Endesa League semifinals against Unicaja (79-88) to the inconsistency of his team, especially in defense. A stumble that forces them to win at least one game in Malaga to avoid elimination by less than a team from Malaga that already caused tears and gnashing of teeth in the Copa del Rey with their victory in extra time in the quarterfinals.

“Throughout 40 minutes we have been very inconsistent, especially in defense. At times we were good, but we quickly lost control of the game and they hurt us with their game”, summed up the Lithuanian coach from the Palau Blaugrana press room.

Jasikevicius declared that “the points in counterattacks and ones against one” of the Andalusians were “a real outrage”, while he did not hesitate to acknowledge his opponent’s superiority in a gesture that honors him. “I want to congratulate Unicaja and Ibon (Navarro). have been better and have had more energy. That has been one of the keys today”, commented the Lithuanian.

Saras acknowledged that “it is important” that the series moves to Malaga with a draw (1-1) for the next two duels. “It is always better to play with your people, but it is not final. Today one team has played well and the other team hasn’t, and the one that hasn’t played well has lost in front of their people, who by the way have been very good,” he continued.

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“Now it’s time to be smart. A game is played every 48 hours. Neither after the 1-0 were we very high, nor now very low. They are the semifinals of the ACB. It’s going to be hard, it’s got to be hard. It touches to suffer, without a doubt”, indicated the míster barcelonista.

Jasikevicius admitted to being uneasy about the new situation that is opening up in this series of semifinals. “It would be crazy not to be worried. You have to worry because the team that in theory does not have tall or dominant rebounding players is dominating us the games on the rebound”, he reflected.

“We knew how good they are at counter-attacking and punishing turnovers, but we have to find pride and energy in these situations to play a better game. I’m worried, of course I am, but you have to take things a little easy. Hopefully we can react, “he concluded. The opposite would greatly complicate his already questioned renewal.