Jari Litmanen, 53, in great shape – Abdominal muscles shine on video

Ajax fans demand that Litma be in good shape on the field.

Jari Litmanen’s abs attracted attention. Andres Theiss

The iron condition of 53-year-old Jari Litmanen has attracted the attention of football fans around the world.

Litmanen’s trained abs can be seen in the video shared by the Dutch club Ajax, in which “Litti” pulls on an Ajax jersey and poses for photos.

– A moderate six pack for his age, one fan wrote with a shocked emoji.

– He seems to be in better shape than some of the active players, the other laughed.

– He wouldn’t be a bad choice for the field even now, the third stated.

Litmanen was visiting Amsterdam, because Ajax had organized a birthday surprise for the Finnish legend.

The club had launched the Jari Litmanen collection, which includes, among other things, jerseys, hoodies and caps. The clothes are decorated with Litmanen’s name and the iconic game number 10.

The midfield maestro represented Ajax in 1992–1999 and 2002–2004. He scored 133 goals for the team and celebrated winning the Champions League in 1995.